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  1. I am against such offers , although this season i shall benifit from them, usually a season ticket holder , i felt the same last season too.


    So for the next 2 evening matches, i shall have the benifit of 2 freebies, thanks to family season ticket holders.


    Yet the club will now lose the £40 i would have willingly have paid!! Multiply this by many hundred and its not cost effective, maybe a few newbies and part timers will benifit too. But seems to me the biggest winners are the 4000 "walk in" supporters, who will know a season ticket holder .


    The evening kick offs will rule out the youngsters benifiting. But hey ho !! more beer tokens :)


    ---------- Post added 04-04-2013 at 22:20 ----------


    i'm trying megalithic,honest i'm trying to discuss free ticket offers but something keeps cropping up.


    ---------- Post added 04-04-2013 at 22:14 ----------


    Thing is though Tat,i am finding it harder to justify £40 to the one who must be obeyed so i spend £50 in the sportsman instead.



    ;) lol well i still spend plenty in the Sheaf View, i dont enjoy the footy so much now a days, but its a 40 year habit with me, cant kick it :) Ithought by giving up my season ticket, i would have the freedom to miss a few matches! its not worked out like that:)


    Off to Pompy on the 20th, like many thinking it was our last away fixture:( its no longer due to rearranged matches.


    Anyway hope you see the benifit of the ticket offer. its first come first serve.

  2. That's my thoughts too,but it still goes on,

    all i would add to that is for posters to remember if you can't take it,don't give it



    And that theme should be everyones signature..




    Some of the biggest moaners on here fall in to that trap.

  3. Answer me one question (or two questions to be fair)


    Will Wednesday be relegated if they finish 4th from bottom?

    Will United be promoted if they finish 4th from top?


    When your losing a debate, and all else is failing...BRING OUT THE BIG "IF" WORD!!!


    If only we were fortune tellers !! eh ?

  4. Answer me one question (or two questions to be fair)


    Will Wednesday be relegated if they finish 4th from bottom?

    Will United be promoted if they finish 4th from top?


    Both are in the middle of their own battles, ITS A FACT ! when you come up for air, smell the roses and get real....your in denial :)


    As for the semi final, one hell of a cracking day, living in Ascot and took one of the Welsh Blade coaches back to my local :)


    The Chelsea fans waiting to bait me were soon muted when 23 Taffy Blades followed me in:) we did this on several occasions, when we got relegated against Chelsea, we did the same waited ten mins and they all came in, childish happy days...no tears from us on the day, plenty to drink and of course listening to the national race that never was on the radio.. Mel Rees (R.I.P) leading the teams out.

  5. It is a poor division , Blades over the season have commented on it being so. (many times) its a pub league ! the 3rd division we admit it:)


    But its not the only poor division, look at the Championship, Look at Cardiffs form of late!! everyones beating anyone.


    You can only play who is put in front of you and accept where we both are!! YO YO clubs, one in a relegation place !!


    Both sets of supporters deserve much more.

  6. Will you please shut up with the "poor league" repetetive dross please,please.

    And then you wonder why not many bother posting on here ,it's the same old snidy,goading remarks over and over again.

    As a football forum it's gone down the pan in recent weeks and i can't see it changing anytime soon.

    "poor league" now wednesday aren't in it,Yawn,yawn,yawn:loopy::loopy:


    Poor Owls, at this momment in a relegation position, yet so concerned about their betters !! deflecting their own problems with their obsession of all things red and white!!


    Deflect and deny !! its the Owls way.

  7. .....Would any Unitedites like McCabe to take a punt, get rid of Agent wilson and appoint him until the end of the season?


    Warnock came up in coversation pre match today, as much as we would rather see him at the lane ahead of Wilson, on the whole he is unwanted.


    Lets hope he drives straight past Sheffield and on to his farm down South.

  8. Wey hey towd TAT factual & same old borrrrring .... Its a fact ,, thought you didn't bother with owls threads now thats " MIGHTY OBSESSED " :hihi::hihi:


    AM bored, :) its very rare i come on to an Owls thread, but as some where i had already predicted a 1-1 draw. And lets face it had a nightmare of a day down the lane ;) THOUGHT I WOULD SHOW MY FACE :) win or lose on it :)

  9. Get on your own thread matey OBSESSED or what :hihi::hihi:


    Now now :) we all know the "obsessed" and "massive" are tags and are copyright to the Owls:)


    Blades tags include "mighty" and "HONOURABLE"...Its a fact :)






    Another poor day for Sheffield footy today, another fact.:)

  10. It is a game we should win, but it is a game we dare not draw or lose trust me if we an put 4-5 consecutive wins together Donny & Ballmouth & such will bottle it.


    I'm normally a doubting Thomas but, only one team can stop us going up this year and that's United.


    Yep, its in our own hands, i remain positive and am really looking forward to tomorrow.

  11. or even a posh wolves ows treble;)...


    :hihi: seems we are also getting our acts together...


    no problem:|



    Seems to me if your lot win at Bristol, you will see em off as relegation certs. its a killer game for them. Have a old mate of mine going down to Bristol on a bus from the Barrack Tavern.


    For his sake and his efforts, i am changing my prediction to a 1-1 draw.

  12. They seemed upset that we were taller than them.


    Maybe we shoud have offered to cut our extra four inches off ... on condition that they removed their extra digits:)


    Talking Radio Sheffield, first caller an Owl , "i did not go to match but......."



    Typical :) he soon got cut short , "thanks for the call but i want to talk to someone who went to the match" :)


    Turned it off lol, praise and grumble is a joke, if its not Brian the Blade, its an arm chair fan !! no different to the forum..loons and stay aways :)


    Except for the Blades on here of course :)

  13. thought your weekend may already be slightly ruined as your second team didnt quite get the result you were hoping for:)




    Not at all, sounded as if they were a bit unlucky,shame i did not have a Wolves , Posh double :)


    Keep looking over your shoulders eh :) Posh and Wolves are getting their acts together.


    A cracking weekend this one thanks, Utd win, good company, and a good little earner..if Carlsberg did weekends..only a lotto win would have created an improvement :) but thanks for your concern:|

  14. Dont ruin the weekend :) bringing up the ex Owls debate and the talentless Wilson debate please. ;)


    On wards and upwards, promotion and the next 3 points should be our debate, while we look ahead, other clubs are still looking over their shoulders at relegation.


    Positive vibes :)

  15. On what grounds do you make the assumption that immigrants are responsible for the problems you highlight?


    The area is perhaps 80% occupied by immigrants and their familys, 90% of the shops in the area cater for the immigrant population and therefore perhaps its fair to assume most of the areas issues good or bad are down to immigrants .


    On what grounds would you, Halibut, assume its not the local immigrants that are responsible for the problems?

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