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  1. Again in fairness it does not matter who it is Mr Benn included. its about fairness, to many mardy report button pressers, to many bans. Lets not talk so much individuals, but fairness and equality. ---------- Post added 09-04-2013 at 13:20 ---------- Football as a topic seems to get lost on so many occasions on the board, we are also short of genuine attendees , proper supporters with first hand knowledge and for that reason alone they should be welcomed back in to the fold. Anyway subject to availability, i look forward to the next forum meet, any excuse for a pint
  2. LOL !! ONE LIVES IN HOPE. " one out all out"
  3. Welcome back Frankie, dont know how i do it !! The "save Dave Jones " campaign then the "bring back frankie, BB and alex" campaign Lets hope in the name of fairness, other long term bans are lifted for BB and Alex !! be it they have served a longer term. If the campaign does not work, i will bring them down the next social seems to work a treat that does.
  4. A few in the Sheaf View pre match will kill the pain .............and the cold.
  5. The bunting is out in many pit villages, may she R.I.P, but wont be missed.
  6. Sqeaky bottom time, 3 points a must.
  7. "IF !!! AND "IF utd had better home form both teams are where they are because thats where they deserve to be. ITS A FACT
  8. Please note, no one suggested Web1 doubted Jones!! web1 is a top poster, but on this occasion misread my post, i refered to the expectation of Jones P45. Am sure you would agree Jones was under serious preasure.
  9. Your in denial look behind you Still a cracking 3 points for you Saturday.
  10. Stella may be effecting your judgement as well, is this the Same Dave Jones, who was expecting his P45 for the first half of the season? "a great manager" !! still in a relegation fighting zone!! A builder ?? with loanees ?!!!!! One possible season back in the Championship does not stop you being a yo yo club. Put thse cans away You need more water matey:) ---------- Post added 07-04-2013 at 01:03 ---------- Your a real diamond.
  11. And within seconds, we are back to the word obsessed
  12. Nice effort web1:) you sleep well. ---------- Post added 07-04-2013 at 00:45 ---------- Dont you go soft on me Corker,
  13. One thing Blades are REALISTS, we dont have the football gods on our side, we battle on and accept our fate, a Championship yo yo club. Paying our way and hopeing for some good fortune at some stage. Where as your lot cling on to championship status by the finger nails, claim to be massive, talk about european glory as if you were euro cup winners for twenty years running !! when in reality your club is the same a Championship yo yo club, and all your club can boast is its collected more winding up orders than trophys in the past 5 plus decades!! Reality is knowing our place, i am comfortable with that.
  14. match of the day, love it commenting on the technic,distance, vision and power of the shot, but for me to get that away when being quickly closed down by two players was amazing, not forgetting of course the finish was from a full back. well done the lad.
  15. look it up then try the word obsessed !! followed by the word deluded All applicable To the blue side of the city. Look up the word massive , and you almost have a Owl dictionary
  16. Owls must have won some rare posters are back tonight, different gravy,ITS A FACT .
  17. Our home form and performances have to urn around sometime ! thers no better time than now.
  18. Oh , i dont know there are one or two wanna be mods on this section:) they live on it
  19. Not been Corker, part time away SUPPORTER, i am Full time home supporter Love my armchair some Saturdays, but not every week eh ? Had a text message from my mates down there," top away day, Walsall beer fest 10/10...football 1/10" Hard fought draw, onwards and upwards, 3 home matches now on the bounce, Only an Owl could pick on todays Blade result. (AND FROM HIS CHAIR TOO typical.
  20. A nervy 3-2 home win and you camp on the United thread:| LOL you cant make it up ..An Owl unhappy with Uniteds result Put the kettle on and enjoy your win.
  21. Dont bite Robbie, his radio has packed in, armchair blown a spring and his horse gone down An away point will do us fine.
  22. The report buttons should be deleted, button pressers exposed, and replaced with more mods.IMHO.
  23. Glad you all had a great time, tried to make it myself after my plans changed, but did not return from an airport run till late, be it three of us turning up and claiming to be Frankie may have been interesting. Really hope to make the next one, will try and bring Bladesbloke and Alex along, see if we can heal some wounds and get their bans lifted:) they too are top blokes. As i mailed earlier to a member is would be a sad world if we all carried on with the attitude and charactor/persona we create on here.
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