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  1. On my way to Hurlfield Sec Modern Boys school pals advised me to divert and look at the prefabs, I was amazed to see no prefabs left but instead a forest of cisterns and flush pipes anchored by toilets complete with flush chains still standing.
  2. Don't know if it's been mentioned earlier in the this thread but when I was little and misbehaving mum would threaten me with 'gitneff', don't know if I've spelt that right. I never knew what or who gitneff was but it used to scare me!
  3. My dad used to swear by Carter's Little Liver Pills, small white and globular in shape, came in little tubes.
  4. Who remembers them? In cold weather we would look for an empty tin can and a length of wire, punch a few ventilation holes in the can plus a couple more for the wire handle, fill with a few bits of kindling and paper, light it and twirl round to get going. With a bit of energetic twirling and fuel it would be glowing red, pinch a piece of coal or coke from somewhere and you was well away. Happy days.
  5. My mum worked there about the time the Vauxhall Victor was launched, ('59 I think) I remember her going to the evening launch do. Her name was Beatrice 'Beat' Hall.
  6. I was born and grew up on the Manor Estate. My paternal grandparents, who died before I started school, (I'm 71) lived in Foxwood Road, he was employed on a local farm nicknamed 'Fockys'? Farm, maybe the proper name was Foxes Farm and later roads named after it? I was too young to remember my grandparents but my older brother does (he's 82) and tonight he identified their place on Google Street View. I remember as a nipper being tickled when my dad said "Fockey's farm"!
  7. Can anyone remember mutton dripping? Used to eat mutton often.
  8. I don'treckon it originated through poverty but because it tastes so good, caveman and woman must have been hooked from the moment they first tasted it.
  9. Erm.. ginger(ish) ... or it were, nah it's grey. Ginger heeaded gunslinger from Sheff, unbeatable.
  10. Or eight, ahl get dee a pint a Stooenses daahn at saloon. I ant got Connery's luks an never av, but ahv still got me 'air.
  11. Bravery isn't the absence of fear, it's doing something despite that fear, that is what JW perhaps missed. Treading the badge into the dust is showing his disillusionment for those who didn't have the courage to overcome their fears and do the right thing, doing a sheriff's job requires the back up of the community at large. Here endeth the lesson.
  12. I used to know an old Liverpudlian back in the 50s who said Billy The Kid "was our kid" I kid you not
  13. In theses so called 'realistic' westerns all the cowboys speak with American accents, in reality some spoke with Yorkshire accents having not long emigrated there. Maybe some were from Sheffield! "Naden dee, if da guz for de gun ahl drill de full er oils" Not impossible.
  14. I used to work with someone who took his test in a Morris1000 Traveller. The examiner informed him he would be testing him on emergency braking, after telling him he should brake when he slapped his leg with his clipboard my colleague was on a hair trigger. The examiner gave the signal and he had already braced himself with his head well back, the brakes were duly applied with great gusto, unfortunately for the examiner the rear bench seat flew up and the metal edging slammed into the back of his head! In great pain he told the driver to head back to base where he quickly wrote out a pass certificate! No, don't laugh...
  15. Bullying is dysfunctional and negative behaviour based on fear, hopefully they will eventually realise this and for their own peace of mind try to lead a positive way of life. All of us suffer from fear, it's the origin of inappropriate anger. Likewise the bullied will also, hopefully, realise and take some comfort from this knowing they have a head start over the bully and move on. That's what forgiveness is, the act of moving on, going forward, eventually fear will fade away if you keep moving on, a nice place to be!
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