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  1. I appreciate that there are clearly some issues regarding the new system, however, it is so wrong, on every level, that someone should be 'better off' claiming benefits over working. I welcome anyone on benefits to (attempt) to reasonably argue their right to get more benefits than a typical working person/family.
  2. Does anyone know if you can plug in 2 sets of the wireless singstar mics into the PS2 - i.e 4 mics? I know each set of 2 mics comes with a usb recepter and the PS2 has 2 usb ports, but is the console and game compatible with 4 mics? Thanks
  3. Hi, either phoneshop.co.uk or mobiles.co.uk. not tried dialaphone although my current contract with Orange is from dialaphone
  4. Hi Sorry to bring this old thread back to life! I am looking at a contract, £25quid a month, top of range phone, with cash back redemption meaning contract over 24 months is in fact £12.50. 400 mins talk, unlimited text, unlimited internet - sounds too good to be true! Whats the catch? Is there one - or is it simply that they expect people to forget to make their cashback claims and therefore with a low claim rate they can afford to offer it? Thanks Matt
  5. Thanks for all your comments and recommendations. I think I've dropped the idea of the iphone and in fact am torn now between the Samsung Galaxy S and the Sony xperia x10. I'd appreciate any feedback from any x10 owners as I seem to be swaying towards this phone - even thought the Samsung (just) beats it on reviews. Have you upgraded from the 1.6 to the 2.1? Did it make much difference - speed, interface etc.? Can you use it in the car as an mp3 player like the iphone/ipod - i.e. through your car stereo? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm ready for a new phone and really fancy an i-phone (although it would probably be the 3GS not the newest I4). I'm wanting something for internet, apps etc. what do forumers prefer - i-phone or other OS - is the Android OS a very good/close second best? Many thanks Matt
  7. I bought a PC 3 years ago and due to problems had to format my hard disk. XP was pre-installed, I have the licence/sticker, is it possible to get it/download it from Microsoft for free (or subject to a nominal fee)?
  8. Been having probs.... to cut a long story short, had to format pc, left now with linux and a copy of a 60 day vista trial, which has expired. If I buy one of the many full OEM versions of Vista from Ebay, will I simply be able to install it thus removing the trail and linux? Many thanks
  9. Spoke to Abbey vets, they suggest cat flu. As she had her first injection before the weekend, is it like human (flu) vaccination i.e. injected with a dose of flu. Is cat flu treatable?
  10. she's now shaking, got a runny nose and her eyes look glazed and very lethargic
  11. She's eating/drinking, but only a little. she has soft poo, averaging 3 to 4 times daily, in her litter box. when we practically force her out of her bed, she will, for a short time, chase some string around, then its back to bed.
  12. Thanks for all the advice, the rescue centre had only had her a week, so didn't really get to know her, she was quiet and quite shy when we visited her, she has also had some/her jabs only last Friday, not sure if that has had an impact in her 'mood'.
  13. Hi, Got a kittne/cat from a rescue centre, Had her a couple of days now, she's 5 month old, she's very very quiet, sleeps most of the time, seems quite lathergic when handled, not eating too much, is this normal given? I was expecting her to be pinging off the walls! Is she just 'settling in'? Thanks
  14. sorry, just realised there are other posts. ignore this one..
  15. Got a kitten on its way, just wondered if those sprays you can use on furniture/curtains etc, such as, "scratch no more" actually work. It would appear they are citrus scented which aparently cats don't like. Is there any particular 'brand' anyone uses that they would recommend? Thanks
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