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  1. When i was a kid i cried when the gang of people came for Frankenstein carrying pitchforks and flaming torches
  2. There was a Fine Fare at prince of wales road shops. I used to go there for my mum.
  3. Have signed. We don't have leasehold now on our current home because we actually bought the leasehold. I don't agree with them. It had all kinds of conditions on what we could or could not do. Our old terrace home used to be leasehold too but it was a nominal amount per year and was paid to the Grand Order of Druids.
  4. I have only been once some time ago and wasn't impressed
  5. OMG that brings back memories. It used to be so funny. we would stay awake for hours laughing at it. I'd forgotten all about it.
  6. Rubbish. I don't really care where he's from, his religion or anything. If it was a white middle class catholic mayor from Planet Zoo i would still think he was a publicity seeking idiot who is making a mockery of the city. Why do people always pull out the Race or Muslim card when others don't agree with them?
  7. That's all he is it seems. What a joke. He thinks he's 12 years old with his baseball hat back to front. Grow up and stop making a mockery of our great city.
  8. Hi Laura My cat had hyperthyroidism. He was 16 at the time and he is a Bengal. He was eating a hell of a lot but losing weight and went really bony especially round his back end. It was only on the second lot of blood tests that he was diagnosed. He had medication for a few weeks to get his weight up a bit and then he had the radiation treatment. He has regular checks but is loads better. I don't remember him vomiting but he did start to lose his balance and and one occasion was walking round in circles so i think it can cause some very strange symptoms probably different in all cases. Good luck with your furry love. I'm sure he'll be feeling better soon.
  9. Years ago when i was about twenty five i paid a visit to use the sunbeds at my gym. They forgot to tell me that the men were using the ladies changing room and showers at the time. I came from the sunbeds wrapped in a towel to be confronted with lots of naked and partially dressed men. I was mortified but i just put on my best casual look and said "What's a matter have you never seen a woman before?" I then rushed into the nearest empty cubicle and had a mini melt down . I waited until i couldn't hear anybody then got dressed quickly and rushed out. I never said anything to the gym i was so embarrassed.
  10. I have great memories of using Sherbet on the Moor. Me and my friend joined when it first opened and Marti Caine used to be around occasionally to run classes. One time we were late for Aerobics and missed the warm up so she wouldn't let us do the class. Another time Sunday Morning Body Conditioning the two girls from the Human League were there and they were right at the front with Marti watching themselves in the mirror wearing full face make up. It was a trendy place when it first opened with classes like Jazz Dance and Aerobics, Body Conditioning. It had sunbeds and a juice bar. Great memories. Marti was a great lady.
  11. Can't remember the exact order but we used to pub crawl on a Sunday night. Started in the Mulberry, dove and Rainbow, golden Ball, compleat Angler, pig and whistle, ending in a cheeseburger from a kiosk in fitzalen square then taxi home. Loved Sunday nights round town.
  12. You have done the right thing. You have loved him enough to let him go. My sister felt exactly the same when she had to let her dog go too. I know how it leaves a hole in your heart but my sister is at the stage now where she can speak about her dog and smile. It will be a while before you get there but you will get there and you'll always remember him. Take Care.
  13. I can't stand anything with Coriandar in it. The smell of it makes me heave. Also Cucumber is horrid. I have actually thrown up when it was hidden in a tuna sandwich and i inadvertently ate it. I also don't like anything raw like sushi or rare meat or fish. And any fat on ham or on roast meat, especially if you don't see it and put it in your mouth. I'm afraid it gets spit into a napkin. I don't like most beans like butter beans or kidney beans. It's not the taste, it's the texture i don't like. I like baked beans though.
  14. It's not a little thing. Twice this week there has been trouble in Spital Hill of people fighing with machetes and knives. I worked in the area about 2 yrs ago and it happened then. The whole building had to be put on lockdown until the police arrived and you could see people throwing weapons like knifes and machetes in bushes. A lot of the time when things occur in Sheffield it is never reported. We have seen roads blocked off around London Rd and Abbeydale Road and had to find a different route to work. Then nothing appears in the papers or on the local news. Are incidents being hushed up?
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