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  1. 1 person killed on that road because of flooding it,s clear it has become a priority
  2. most of the dead were buried in BURNGREAVE CEMETERY there grave stones still there
  3. the brake drums on the overhead cranes had asbestos in the brakes linings these were often manufactured on site by the apprentice fitters they were hacksawed to length drilled and counter sunk on a pillar drill and riveted with copper the bench and drill would have to be swept daily.
  4. i would not use the forum for this there are dodgy people about
  5. its a death trap there constant red light runners with aggresive driving
  6. no hair really ticked off ---------- Post added 03-02-2015 at 21:39 ---------- black hair dyed
  7. dick turpin wore a mask not these thieves
  8. thanks for replies he is one of many that need to be remembered his grave is in burngreave one of few sailors that made it back home
  9. is she still in charge shes gone very quiet
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