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  1. Have you looked at the xxx for Dummies series of books? They are very good and not that expensive.
  2. And if corporations had to pay corporation tax on the same profits in every country where they trade, they'd go bust!
  3. Which is why higher corporation tax rates don't work. All it does is encourage companies to do exactly what you suggest.
  4. Absolutely agree with this; I'd never buy from a guy simply called 'Mick with a mobile'
  5. I'd go to the Rolls Royce website and look through their careers section; if they have jobs going, they would be posted there (with the hours of work)
  6. Kate, Sorry, it's not clear what advice you are seeking. Are you asking "Should I forget my ethics and go for the cheaper option"?
  7. A number of things spring to mind: 1. Rees and Daughters means nothing to the business you are promoting; are there any better and more relevant domain names you could use (for example B&Q is diy.com) 2. The award at the top looks made up; who is it from and why would I care as a customer 3. You should have a rolling headline banner with all your customers, it should not be tucked away at the bottom 4. Some of the images are difficult to see and don't really explain how good you are at what you do 5. I typed in 'sheffield window cleaners' into Google (which I would think is the obvious search term when looking for a sheffield window cleaner) and your website is nowhere to be found (have you registered the site with Google yet as you also don't appear in the map either?); have you thought of paying for google ads as many of your competitors are paying to get a ranking? 6. Plus the site looks 'dark and danky'; if you are cleaning company, I would want lots of blue and white on the site 7. There is no address; customers want reassurance that, if something goes wrong, they know where to find you (I'm sure nothing does go wrong but they would want that reassurance ) 8. I would split domestic from commercial and have pages specific for each customer type (for example, commercial cleans might require specialist equipment; if you have the equipment, then promote it on your site as it will give your prospective customers greater reassurance) You asked for honesty; all the best for 2018 with it
  8. Not sure at this stage. As long as HMRC give owners the tools to do it, I cannot see it being a problem. I recently started using their downloadable PAYE app and it is very good/useful.
  9. It depends on the market you are operating in. I have to say it is very rare for me to receive a cold call these days and I suspect it is because of the type of business I run. Most purchases are 'distress' i.e. I have an issue and i need to make the purchase now. No cold calling in the world will second guess when I want to make that purchase. Whereas, for example, corner shops are different. They are constantly buying consumables (till rolls/POS etc) so it makes sense to constantly cold call them as there is a high probability of making a sale (the reason I know this is I used to be the Sales Director of such a company). Neither are mutually exclusive, but if you have limited resources, I would suggest the OP priorities based on the buying profile of her target customers.
  10. Excellent advice ---------- Post added 27-11-2017 at 14:49 ---------- You'll need to PM tinfoilhat, pitching your business on the forum is seen as advertising ---------- Post added 27-11-2017 at 14:52 ---------- Hi Cheryl, I think cold calling depends on the type of business you are running. For example, if you are selling something someone needs all of the time, then cold calling is absolutely right. However if you are selling something that someone needs very infrequently, the cold call would have to be extremely lucky to find the right person at the right time. In this scenario you should look to SEO and other social media methodologies to help the customer to find you. ---------- Post added 27-11-2017 at 14:58 ---------- Have you asked Ken? (Tracy, feel free to contact the forum and ask for this to be removed...I just could not resist!!!)
  11. If he has A level Maths and AS Physics, an apprenticeship in Engineering is certainly a viable option. My only advice is, like said earlier in this thread, he has got to want to do this for himself. ATB.
  12. I suspect it is because there is very little shortage of teachers in primary education compared to secondary (particularly in the subjects of Mathematics and Physics); if you have experience in this sector and/or subjects, I'd be looking at the secondary sector. Hope it works out for you. ---------- Post added 16-10-2017 at 09:06 ---------- I am a Trustee/Director of Brigantia Learning Trust. If it is one of our schools, would you be kind enough to PM me with the details please? The Trust is well funded so I would be very concerned if we have TAs managing the classrooms.
  13. Are you based in the Sheffield City Region? If so, contact the Sheffield City Growth Hub. Otherwise have a chat with your local Chamber of Commerce. Good luck with the venture.
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