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  1. Hi Everyone. I'm hoping to book a lovely afternoon tea party as a baby shower for my friend. It would be around the start of April and I was hoping somewhere central. The cheapest quote I have had, for 20 people, is £300 which is out of my budget. If anyone knows of any venues that offers afternoon tea/cream tea parties, please feel free to contact me. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm wanting to arrange a collection of essential items (Clothing, bedding etc) to be sent to refugee camps. The weather is getting colder and people need out help. Does anyone know where in Sheffield (Yorkshire) that's collecting? Many people at my work are interested in applying. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. I have never had a problem though I have never used the one at Crystal Peaks. I've always had great service and great glasses. My eyetest was between 30-45 minuets and they were very quick in ordering the lenses I needed. My mother used D&A who said that she would be blind in her left eye within 6 months! We of course consulted her GP who referred to to an eye clinic and it was garbage! They had had several similar stories like this from the same D&A. Specsavers is lovely. They have a lovely choice of frames and I've always received brilliant service. Hope the bad experience doesn't put you off next time.
  4. Northern Sole. It's great and the pizza is really tasty!!! Not too expensive and they go up to 15" Pizzas....Give them a try!! x
  5. Sometimes you dont get the option of what property you move into with the Council. I'm sure people would love to have a property without a garden etc. And Sedith - Chill dude. I don't have a garden, and I don't drink. So don't assume i'm in Wetherspoons all weekend. I put my opinion across - thats all. I don't expect to be insulted by it. Goodness me.
  6. If you don't live in the area...then what does it matter to you?
  7. I think this is unfair. If you don't have a lawnmower etc - how do you cut your grass? The council say they offer "help" to sort out gardens, but they don't. Charity agencies say they will help - but not with the exterior of your garden. It shouldn't be just "Council Tenants" who get the criticism. What about people who purchase there houses etc...there gardens are total tips! If it was a perfect world, you would get off your high horse and look at the bigger picture. Some people don't have the time/money to do the garden for alot of reasons. Stop picking a fight for no reason.
  8. They're great! They will ask you to email across your CV I think - Then hopefully you'll get an interview! x x Good Luck!! x x
  9. Spring (agency) are currently looking for full time workers. Customer Admin based - 0114 2730075. They are very friendly and helpful - Stay clear of Blue Arrow! x
  10. You only say that because you work at Blue Arrow. The process is shocking. Hardly anything is done correctly and don't expect to be paid on-time!! Look elsewhere...
  11. Dixons was the worst place I ever worked. It's horrible, they're sneeky, they don't care about you or your well being. I would turn the job down and look somewhere else. And if your going through Blue Arrow - Good Luck!!! They constantly messed up my pay, never getting it right, always underpaying and constantly causing problems. I know times are hard finding a job, but I would seriously look elsewhere if you can!!
  12. St Lukes hospice Sheffield. They are trying to raise £5m to upgrade the hospice. They are a fantastic charity which offers amazing services to patients and families. Please consider St.Lukes. They deserve as much as possible!!
  13. You can certainly complain, but I doubt it will do anything I escalated mine and CCd in my Local MP who said there was nothing they could do. The police who dealt with my incident were brilliant, but deffinatly complain...you never know, this time they may listen! x
  14. £2.32? £2.32?!!!!!! Bloody hell, thats breaking the bank!
  15. If she's had a drink, then it's going to be impossible to prove i'm afraid Though it shouldn't be an excuse!!!! Ring the police again. Friday nights are never good lol
  16. WHAT? You need to ring the police NOW!. You need to tell them again what happened. DEMAND they do something about it. Your daughter was robbed of her personal affects and then thrown out of a car. An Ambulance had to be called for gods sake! Have you called the Taxi company again?
  17. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/travelandtransport/publictransport/taxisandprivatehirevehicles/dg_10036287
  18. I will never use City Taxi's again. I waited for 35minuets for a taxi, then when it FINALLY arrived, the driver complained that he was stuck in traffic, hitting the steering wheel and using very abusive language. After finally getting through the rush hour traffic in town, he said "oh, I can't go there, I have somewhere to be in 20mins". He then demanded I get out of the taxi, PAY him for the time that was used, and call another cab! When I reported this to the taxi firm, they didn't care. They assured me a manager would contact me regarding the situation and noone did!!! They are utterly disgraceful! - Hopefully your daughter is okay! x Contact the firm. If they do nothing, go to the licencing department at the town hall (I think). They will take more severe action.
  19. I hope they are feeling better. Hopefully all will be sorted soon! x x
  20. BB's restaurant on Devonshire green. It's lovely! They do the most delicious food (Especially steak) It's bring your own wine(thought your not drinking but your sister might). The atmosphere is really nice. It's the perfect little Italian restaurant. Google it
  21. Thanks H Hounds. x I'm still having to get the later bus to work in the morning and leave later. Worried the kids will remember what I look like and "kick off". I will I could thank the kids who tried to stop them in person. It's very much appreciated.
  22. Bring it on! Russia look good this. A bunch of grannies!!! I vote for the most stupid act! XD
  23. Me too nikki. I hope the lovely girl who commented from Silverdale come's to realise that going around spitting on people isn't acceptable.
  24. No worries Nikki. The kids involved were 11+12 to my understanding. If they were 15+, I would have pressed chargers, but I felt at that age, they police involvement and being suspended from school would give them a good scare. I'm still in regular contact with the police, and if anything happens on that bus, it gets reported instantly. Passengers should NOT have to deal with such disgusting behaviour. It it happens again Nikki, I'll see them in court, and there parents are well aware of that.
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