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  1. Hi Alf. I have only just seen your post sorry... Are you still interested in playing? Pm your details so we can arrange.
  2. Hi all  I'm looking for a squash buddy. I love playing the game but have only took it up a couple of years ago and played infrequently. I'm looking for a partner to play with once or twice a week whenever possible. I'm 41 fella and work around meadowhall area so can make it either into the courts in town or Concorde easily. Male or female partners anyone interested message me. Many thanks
  3. Hi there Did you guys ever set this up? My squash mate has gone back overseas and I can't get anyone else interested. Are either of you chaps still up for a game?
  4. Hi there, it's not of a private function room I'm after tbh
  5. Hi There Can anyone make any recommendations for a pub to have a birthday bash in? Would like a free room (if poss) for upto 40 people the first week in January. Cheers
  6. Hi all Can anyone recommend a place to pick our own strawberries from around Sheffield area? Wanted to take our toddler for the first time and the places I knew of aren't growing them any longer Cheers
  7. Hi All Looking to replace UPVC front door with a composite. Has anyone any recommendations of who to use to supply + fit? To be fitted in S13. Anyone ones to avoid would be useful as well Cheers
  8. Hey hey I need a quote to repair/replace some fence at home in S5 area. Do you know anyone you can recommend? Cheers
  9. Just a heads up, my neighbour just had her house broken into this afternoon and when the police turned up he had just finished dusting at another house in Woodhouse. So don't make it easier for the skanks, lock up, keep valuables out sight etc
  10. Would that be a low price or typical for that kind of value house?
  11. Looking to put our house up for sale and wondered what experiences people had andbif anyone was happy with the service they received. Ta
  12. Steve could you give me a call please re the work you have quoted for...can't get hold of you by phone Cheers
  13. Hi there...I know it's a long shot but is there any gravel left?
  14. Steve, could you give me a call please? cant seem to get hold of you by phone. I need some work carrying out. Cheers Jon
  15. Hi there Can anyone recommend a mobile hairdresser that covers S13? It's for a styling not just a trim Many thanks
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