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  1. Hi Guys, For my final project at university iv decided to carry out my research on the area of Shirebrook valley mor specifically the area around car forge dam, the surrounding ponds and the visitors centre around there all i want to know is do you think that the state of the reserve has declined or improved in recent years, do you think its under good or bad management/conservation simply stating whether you think it has or hasnt been improved will be sufficient to obtain some basic quantative data to set me off before i start wandering around with questionnaires, but if you would like to put any input as to why you think it has improved/declined please let me know so i can investigate it further cheers
  2. jst need park hill's redevelopment to be completed then i'll be happy everything else is fine other than the busses but there never super are they and Manchester's like an hour away so dont get why so many people want a massive airport closer to home, let them put up with the extra traffic and conjestion caused by them. we dont have the road networks for a large scale one personally. . . like some people have said ours are pretty 3rd world in some areas. . . so roads, parkhill and busses improved lol
  3. sorry. . . but are you a teacher, what exactly do you do, this comment had nothing to do with the subject at matter anyway
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