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  1. I need bales of hay and straw ideally as I have a continental Giant and she's got a huge 8ft x 4ft hutch I need to pack out with straw as its getting colder, I also have a few other smaller rabbits. I was going to nip up to Argo feeds tomorrow but didn't know what prices were like?? do you know what prices for sacks of food are like? I will try the Aubiose thanks xx
  2. Hi, Dose anyone know where I can buy hay bales, Straw bales, large supplies of sawdust?? Also Dose anyone know a good supplier of Rabbit pellets? Not the colourful junk food found in most shops.. I will be going shopping tomorrow so any help before them would be great thanks xx
  3. 3 nights in under intensive care on a drip and he passed away x
  4. He's had one blood test but they said it didn't provide any answers to be honest I was just given a quote asked if I could pay the they took the kitten and asked for 50% of the quote so yeah it was a shock.. It's not keeping the kitten alive that is the issue his temperature won't come up, he is playing around and he's up and about. he is just very skinny due to the diarrhea and he is eating but not loads x
  5. Every local vet ( I know of anyway ) use Vetnow for out of hours, so I'd be very welcoming of information on vets who don't x Kitten ( still unnamed poor fella :'( ) is where he is and I just hope there really trying to help pull him through, if he dose not survive least I know I did what I could no matter the cost x
  6. Hi, I've had an emergency with a 9 week old kitten who has long story short been admitted to vetsnow, I'm not saying I'm familiar with the price of treatments and what he is getting needing ect.. but, It's costing £600 to £700 for one nights stay with them!! Is this overcharging?? He's had to stay in to receive fluids to his vain ( Drip ) cause he had chronic diarrhea and was very dehydrated. I was wondering if anyone has any comments on the price above, is this normal? or I'm just wrong about the price I'm paying? I'm more worried he's not getting the 5* care I feel I'm paying for. When he went in yes he was ill, yes he needed the care in my opinion, but he was lively, he was running up and down the stairs jumping up on the bed for a cuddle ect.. Now the vet is saying after a night on the drip I should consider putting him to sleep, due to him not responding to the drugs as well as they hoped Putting all the above aside, Dose anyone/can anyone recommend a vets who are better to keep in mind when emergencies like this arise to stop myself being caught with these again, the kitten can have all the treatment he needs and I've told the vets to keep going with him but in the future I'd like to avoid going back to Vetsnow. So any recommendations are very welcome for the future as I can't move kitten now and by looks of things I won't even be getting to bring him back home I live in S5/S6 can arrange transport, I'm not looking for the cheapest vet I want to find a better vets and it's a bonus if the prices are more reasonable thank you x
  7. Thank you where do you but it from? xx
  8. I'm putting up a dog run on the garden to be used for the dogs while I'm out. I've decided to do the main part, concrete but was looking for suggestions on something else for the extension area I'm adding. I've looked at/had suggested Pebbles, grass, dirt, Tarmac, Rubber mats over concrete I'm a bit overwhelmed so wondered if anyone has any advice? Just looking for something softer on the paws and kinder to the feet really. I was considering adding some runner matting over the concrete on the onside run ( it is sectioned into a bed area, inside/very sheltered run and then the outside run x Any advice welcome but please note it will be a 19ft run and not for the dogs to live in just and outside secure area for them x
  9. Yeah all sorted with him doing them thank you hun x
  10. Thank you both, Turns out I have neil on my facebook already and have messaged him luv I will look into the others also x
  11. Hi I'm wondering if anyone knows anyone who makes rabbit hutches, the commercial ones just arnt big enough I am wanting them around 6ft by 3ft by 2 ft ish there for neverland dwarfs and lion heads. I was also wanting some advice on what would be best for giant rabbits as I intend on getting one I was wondering if a dogs kennel would be better? I have a 12ft by 4 ft one I was thinging may be better for a giant thanks x
  12. Hi, looking for a instructor called Kev, I used him before when I lived on Chaucer Close, he works all sheffield area I believe. It's not alot to go on but worth a try, failing that anyone know any good ones in sheffield s5 area? thanks in advance x
  13. These rugs are huge thick wool rugs so I will try contact rain x
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