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  1. I've changed the last line - is that better, sorry if calling the town hall offends anyone.
  2. Yes you've 'won' a free holiday. You'll fly to their timeshare complex and stay 'free' in one of the empty flats (self catering of course). You'll be bombarded with timeshare sales efforts. None of the above costs the company anything - and the flight to the resort is paid for by the £150 (?) arrangement fee per person they charge. So it costs them nowt to have you at their mercy for a long weekend. Nuf said.
  3. If you can practice putting the tent up in your garden - then do it, so you don't look so daft on the camp site. Once had a week camping in Skegness - it rained twice. Once for three days and once for four days. Nuf said.
  4. Already invented it - anti sound systems, invented in 1959. Almost exactly as Ken H item above. Now used in sound reduction headphones and even in some cars.
  5. One or two verses of Abide with Me sung out fairly loud usually shifts 'em. Of course they go home and ask why the nutter is always next to me.
  6. So - planner 1 admits that the orginal Summerfield junction design was faulty, both in the right turn from Eccy Road (accidents because of poor sight lines) and the right turn onto Eccy Road (drifting cos of wrong turning radius). He doesn't see how to resolve either with a cheap update and needs to spend 300k of my money on a revamp which doesn't work. The right turn onto Eccy Road is still the same apparently. He also admits the lining on the main Eccy Road / Ring Road roundabout doesn't work very well. That means it's dangerous. But nothing is to be done about it. How do you sleep at night? That's not to mention the cheap tarmac which is slippy and has caused at least one death in recent months. Of course putting up 'slippy road' signs sorts that one - er no it doesn't. Idiots the lot of you.
  7. Eat my shorts. Get stuffed. (yourname) sandwich bar.
  8. Er no. It's a 1960's block in Endcliffe area - you knew that didn'tya! I spoke to the bloke on the site gate and he said it was being 'blown down' in the first week of September. I'd like to see it go if we can get a definite date.
  9. Yes, lots of us believe that. Perhaps you could have just moved the obscuring white railings a little bit - too simple...... Yes, placed on the already obscuring white railings and even further blocking the view of oncoming traffic. The main error here was right turning out of Summerfield St towards town. Not a correct radius, and cars in the right lane taking the middle lane of Eccy Road (bus lane is inner lane).
  10. Got my latest contract phone from 4u on Fargate. Found them to be very helpful - even came up to my house with a handful of phones on different 'providers' to see which worked best cos of the awful signal here. Very good too when phone went wonky - however they did just direct me to Carphone next door who have a repair workshop. Very helpful in retaining my stored photos while phone mended. Enough space in the shop to sit down unlike most where you stand up in a camped space. Recall Andy and Steve(?) as top names. I'd go back.
  11. Advert for some firm called MW. I assumed it was there illegally and will be pulled down soon. But, surely it's not approved by the council.
  12. Exactly - they can't do simple common sense adjustments. They have to go overboard to justify doing lots of work and justify sitting out there at Carbrook. To make it even more dangerous they had put up a sign saying 'beware of oncoming traffic' - but the sign actually masked the approaching traffic and made it dangerous. Idiots. The other day the traffic lights at this junction were on green for both directions at the same time - at least for part of the day. Idiots. The traffic going round the back streets, caused by their daft road design, will now give them an excuse for traffic 'calming' / reduction measures in these streets and that's more reasons for them to justify their existence. Idiots. Nuf said.
  13. Yes I remember going to one sprint meeting there - mid 70's. Good day out. Pity we get nowt like that now. Nuf said.
  14. My neighbour is trying to empty our reservoir all by himself - he has a sprinkler going every evening and during the night sometimes. Nuf said.
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