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  1. I left St Pat's in 1962 and definitely took an 11+ to go on to De La Salle. My sister left in 1964 and also took the 11+, went to Notre Dame. Would seem odd if nothing in '63 Andy It's All Too Beautiful
  2. Also a big Patto fan from the Black Swan days. remember one night that Terry was introducing them on stage and called them THE Patto. Ollie and Mike ****** themselves laughing. Link to a great interview from early nineties about this great band. some tragic events in later life. http://www.terrascope.co.uk/mybackpages/patto%20-%20john%20halsey%20pt12.pdf Andy it's All Too Beautiful
  3. Junior Sharks run pay and play sessions at All Saints, Granville Road on Saturday mornings. see "want to be a Shark" link here http://www.juniorsharks.co.uk/
  4. Now I know you are having a laugh. Any idea of the bruising encounters that happen when 10 athletes who average 6'6" and 250 Lbs get together in the confines of a basketball court. As I told the other guy, get along and actually watch a top class game, you will be amazed at the skill and athleticism of these "freaks".
  5. I played in the same team as Paul for several years. Must be 15 years since last saw him when I played an exhibition game with old Doncaster team mates to raise money for Paul's daughter who had been picked for England Junior girls.
  6. If you consider the EISS a sports hall you must have gone to a bloody huge school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever actually been there? How many sports halls have 4 basketball courts, a show court with permanent seating, a show court with 3,000 temporary seats, an indoor athletics arena with permanent seating, combat halls, gymnasium, treatment rooms corporate catering facilities, cafe, sorry no public bar this is a centre of sporting excellence, not a snooker hall. It is also the administrative centre for several national programmes. Get yourself down there tomorrow night and see what an atmosphere is generated by the game itself. You cannot criticise if you have never experienced it. If you like the "jazz" then by all means look at the cheerleaders, listen to the show biz game announcer, take part in the half time competitions, they are all there but you have to be there to know that. Yes most of the fans are diehard but there are thousands of them. I think you are talking about local league stuff which obviously does not attract spectators but the professional game has a large fanbase and will be on TV next season, not seen ice hockey on the box except for the Olympics.
  7. Yes really, again check before making rash statements.
  8. Wise words from someone who clearly has never been to a professional basketball game. Friday night Sharks play in the Semi Final Championship play off match. This will be at the EISS (far from being a sports hall) and be watched by about 3000 screaming fans. Plenty of atmosphere. Saturday, Junior Sharks U16's also play in the semi final of the Final Fours, also at the EISS. Again huge crowd. Sunday, Junior Sharks U18's (current national cup holders) also play in the semi final of the Final Fours, this is also at the EISS. Even bigger crowd. Hopefully both teams will win and appear in the Final later in the day. Someone has already mentioned Hatters being the most succesful British womens team ever, Senior Sharks are the most succesful BBL franchise ever and Junior Sharks regularly get teams to the final fours. Like it or not Basketball (the biggest participant sport in the world) is huge in Sheffield, give it a try or at least improve your knowledge of the game before making such ridiculously damning statements as "basketball is just not interesting".
  9. I remember this game well, no crowd segregation, the kop was packed with blues and reds. There was definitely, absolutely no trouble at this game. Great attitude from both sets of fans after witnessing one of the most sensational games ever played at Hillsborough. There is another thread on this match where many fans mention the great atmosphere. Andy It's All Too Beautiful
  10. Definitely the Move, Christmas '66. "Night of Fear" had just been released and they filled the stage with old TV's which received the hammer and guitar treatment. Saw the Nice late '67 at City Hall supporting The Move/Hendrix etc. That gig is well documented elsewhere so won't go into detail here. See your PM's Andy It's All Too Beautiful
  11. Hi Tony, No, must have been a different crowd. I know a Tony Morton from school but he is a teacher in Sheffield. I went to school in Pitsmoor and hung out at Lane Top and Firth Park Bowl. Someone mentioned Plug and his odd scooter. Think he must have changed it cos I knew him when he had a Vespa. I have tried to get Stringfellow to go along to the Small Faces convention held every September, seeing as he knew the band so well but must be a different scene for him now. Don't think he was ever that interested in the music, just money...and of course the women. Andy It's All Too Beautiful
  12. No alcoholic bar at the Mojo so no problems for anyone. I was 15 when first went and saw the Move smash the stage up. Life changing experience when I realised that rock was more exciting than soul. The original post asked about best bands we had seen, obviously everyone goes for Hendrix, Floyd or one of the names that later became huge but at the time everyones favourites were the Small Faces and Alan Bown Set. Something that always struck me was the live sets for the "pop" bands were SO different to their hit records. Usually much heavier, blusier and true R & B, not the crap you hear today. Most memorable night was Procul Harum just as " Whiter Shade of Pale" had entered the charts. Nobody was allowed in unless they had a flower. The park opposite was demolished in the rush. Andy It's All Too Beautiful
  13. Hi Oldiegirl, Obviously some confusion here. The Mojo was not open in 61/2/3. May have opened late 64 but I thought 65. Andyman It's All Too Beautiful
  14. [Tony[/QUOTe Sorry Andy miss read your response!! Old age and senility creeping in....but you are still absolutely right about The Esquire. Mojo Tuesday + Thursday Esquire Friday Wheel for Allnighters Saturday unless there was one at the Mojo!! Hi Tony, Mojo, Twisted Wheel and Dungeon allnighters. Do we know eachother? I'm a couple of years younger than you but same scene same time. Andy It's All Too Beautiful
  15. Sorry to "Burst Your Bubble" GEDDIT, but this is a bit of an urban myth. The Small Faces had been playing gigs for a while without real success but one night in Sheffield they played at a working mens club near the Midland station/Queens Road area and got thrown out without finishing the set. The band were on the verge of quitting the business but saw mods queuing to get into the ESQUIRE CLUB, spoke to the manager and played a set that night. The rest is history. Fourth member at that time was Jimmy Winstone who was replaced by Ian McLagen a few weeks later when Don Arden took over the management. Andy It's All Too Beautiful
  16. The Ad in the Star was for Jimmie Hendricks but in January 1967 he was not the household name he is today. The only time I recall classical music being played was the 1812 overture as The Move took the stage to play "Night of Fear". If you were there an earth shattering moment as Sheffield was exposed to this new heavy music from Birmingham for the first time. The modern music press say the Kinks were the first heavy metal band but we know different. Still sends shivers down my spine when I think of that night. Andyman It's All Too Beautiful
  17. They won't come looking for you. Get yourselves down to the EIS on Thursday evening and ask the teams playing in the Central Venue League, lots of teams and most would welcome new players. Alternatively speak to the councils liason officer who will put you in touch with the League Secretary. Not difficult but you have to get off your a**es and do something instead of moaning that nobody is doing anything for you.
  18. The Small Faces were a huge favourite at the Mojo, I remember Steve Marriott saying that the Sheffield crowd were special as they felt they had discovered the band. You may be interested to know that a plaque is being unveiled on Carnaby Street to honour the Small Faces. Ceremony takes place on Saturday 8 September approx. 1.00pm with lots of bands playing Small Faces tracks. Kenney Jones will be there and some special guests. The following day, Sunday 9 is the annual Small Faces convention from 4.00 to 11.00 pm at the Carling Academy, Islington. Ticket only, here are the contact details: TICKETS £20 (IN ADVANCE ONLY) FROM JOHN HELLIER 7 WATERDENE MEWS CANVEY ISLAND SS8 9YP Cheques payable to J Hellier Or paypal to jjhellier@aol.com If paying by paypal add £1 per ticket service charge Or through http://www.ticketweb.co.uk 0870 771 2000 Enquiries: jjhellier@aol.com or 07899 893089 Might see you there. Andy
  19. Hey Glyn, great to hear you are well and living in the land of the rising sun. We were never big buddies but I used to bump in to you all over the place. Mojo and Down Broadway in early days. Once met you at Middle Earth (Mid Earth?) and you introduced me to a couple of bands, Groundhogs or Uriah Heap rings a bell, definitely prog outfits but it was a long time ago and that is probably total rubbish. Do you still have the Afghan coat???????? You also turned me on to Robert Johson who I had never heard off at the time (around '69) but you told me to rent his album from central library. Life changing moment, thanks. Andy
  20. Jeez, what a rant. Obviously touched a nerve there. Why post derogatory comments about them if you are such a BIG fan. Grow up
  21. Might be hard for you!!!!!!!! Says more about your musical taste than these artists. Dylan changed the face of popular music, still huge today. Prince, best guitarist/songwriter of his generation. Go see him live, he is electrifying. James Brown......nothing has to be said. Do a little research and you will find that several of Dylan and Princes hits have been recorded by other people.
  22. Not so!! The Hermitage, bottom of Moor/London Road, had a video/tape juke box in 1968. VERY revolutionary then.
  23. You beat me to it!!!! This was without doubt the best match I ever saw although I thought it was 1868, Man U's European cup winning team. Whitam hat trick was highlight. Also memorable for the party atmosphere on the Kop with no segregation. Must have been forty plus thousand on a warm Saturday afternoon. Of course this was when matches were played on Saturday afternoons. Great day.
  24. True. They were supported by the Clash who were making their gig debut.
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