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  1. at last someone with a bit of sense. Well said
  2. Yep..... i still cant see any mention of a test centre ---------- Post added 02-05-2015 at 19:04 ---------- But it did my friend it clearly says anybody ( im sure that does include me )
  3. I wasn't aware he was looking for a test centre
  4. Theres no excuse for using your phone whilst driving,its one of my pet hates. You should have been fined and got your points..
  5. How can you say that,when the Arundel Ex serviceman's club on city rd is one of the wealthiest clubs in Sheffield.Run by the committee from one of Sheffields most deprived areas,( according to some folk on here ) who again according to some dont even work
  6. :loopy:So we take the kids to the park,they ask if they can feed he ducks,do we grab the spare 1/2 loaf of bread out of the cupboard or do hold the kids up whilst we cut grapes in half,or try finding the following Cracked corn, barley, oats, birdseed or other grains Frozen peas that have been defrosted Its a no brainer.
  7. we have been feeding ducks bread for donkeys years ,so why now is it a problem????
  8. Parkwood upfrom the old ski village, thats where i go.
  9. Here here well said.... i too was brought up on the Cross , and seeing it now saddens me.
  10. Bull..... I was trained by British Red Cross and i was told something completely different. ( hope i spelled everything ok ) thats why i asked
  11. I live at Man Top ,and have to travel to Pond street for mine.
  12. Qualified in the work place only ??? or a peramedic. ???
  13. went to put the car away and saw something near the gararge. on closer inspection it looks like a baby badger. there is no way into my garden other than the drive gates. i have left the gates open for over 2 hours now ,but the badger is still there. Any Advice ??
  14. here you go http://kitchen.manualsonline.com/manuals/mfg/indesit/indesit_range_product_list.html
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