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  1. Its with a sad heart that I have to report that my very old friend Michael Maw (Harleyman) passed away after a long illness. I attended Hucklow Road School with Mike and then Mike attended Hindhouse school. We lost touch for many years but met again and for the past 20 years have been close pals. We talked about the old days, places and friends for hours, he often said he still loves Susan Arundel just to make me jealous. Mike kept strong until the end and I'll miss him greatly. Rest in peace my old pal. Mike's funeral will be held at Hutcliffe Wood Friday 23 Oct. Send a prayer for Mike his wife Kim, daughter Becky and granddaughter Heidi.
  2. I remember they had a mixed rounders team that played in the works league. I played for Firth Brown Tools and I am still playing aged 68yrs in the South Yorkshire league. We play in the summer at Davy's Prince of Wales Road....come and join us everyone welcome
  3. Nella red oil was made and sold by Allen chemist, which is Nella in reverse.
  4. I don't think this is our class, I don’t recognise anyone neither am I on it.
  5. I remember Woollies on Sicey below the bowling alley. They sold pick and mix, one in the bag one in the pocket...
  6. I remember the Ghurings being put in one Saturday morning. I believe one of the heavy gang got killed doing it
  7. The Aven Works were part of Firth Brown Tools group, I served some of my apprenticeship there in 1967, then back to number 4 gate FBTon Carlisle St East.
  8. Hi Parkydave, when are you going to meet up with us at Fairthorn community centre? We meet Tuesdays at 1.00am. I was with my sister Heather this week and she mentioned you.
  9. Before it was centertainment, there used to be cottages owned by the railway. If you were lucky and worked for the railway then you lived in one of the cottages. I was born there, it was known as Railway cottages off Broughton lane.
  10. My brother Andrew would have been in your year at Hucklow. There is a small group of Hucklow boys who still meet up every Tuesday for a chinwag and a cuppa we have a runabout at Concord every Friday. If you ever find your way home message me
  11. £2.18.4 per week for 40hrs. I nearly always worked Saturday morning until 11.30 then off to play football at FBT ground Ecclesfield.
  12. Indoor rounders starts Thursday 17th Jan 7.00 PM at Wickersley Sports Centre. Men women girls and boys are welcome from 14 yrs to I can still walk. Come along and have fun whilst keeping fit.
  13. I remember Philip as a quiet but very clever friend.He had a very enquiring mind and seemed to know more than you would expect. We did get into trouble when we collected mercury from the sink traps in the lab, or when we removed an electric clock from behind shelves in the library to see how it worked. I also remember using an electric shock machine on a large group of boys in the playground, whoever let go first got the shock. Although Philip got into trouble it was always because he wanted to know more than the curriculum was teaching him.
  14. There's indoor Rounders for male and females at Wickersley Sports Centre every wednesday 7.15 to 9.15pm
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