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  1. It is with great sadness to inform all that John Bridge passed away on Saturday 26th Sept, He was a respected member of the manor millitaires. R.I.P Dad
  2. Yes i know that but Sheffield city centre is a controlled parking zone. Dixon lane is within that controlled parking zone the signs for this are on the entrance to the city centre where vehicles have to pass to enter the city which an adjudicator would know about so I just find it a bit strange why it would be cancelled
  3. Where we're you parked on Dixon Lane because as far as I know Dixon Lane single yellow line is in the controlled parking zone and doesn't need a sign. Why would adjudicator say insufficient signage if it didn't need a sign. I'm not saying you wrong I'm just curious
  4. Yes they are blinkered I just don't understand the logic they talk half of them they go on about the way the CEOs act but the only evidence they can produce is in other city's around the country, the city's that have privately run parking enforcement. Not COUNCIL. Some real evidence please about the terrible ways SHEFFIELD CITY COUNCIL CEOs treat the motorists in Sheffield
  5. Scc has enforced parking on Sundays for years and years. Last year they decided to charge for p&d parking and extend the syl restriction to Sundays because there was a need for it, more and more people were parking in town on a Sunday that it was getting dangerous for pedestrians and motorists alike. The best way to control that is to apply for a restriction so that it can be policed fairly for everybody that uses the town centre. That has to be paid for in some way so to put a charge of £1:00 for all day parking isn't unjust to me, I feel it is fair and safe for everybody that uses the city centre
  6. Thank you at last. I agree with you but unfortunately I don't think the council is allowed to do it planner1 may have the answer to that. You are the only one that as come up with an idea. They very quick to slate but no ideas of what to do instead of
  7. I'm a nice person when I'm at work and when I'm not:hihi: There can't be leniency because that would be selective enforcement then the council would then be in big trouble because that's against the traffic management act
  8. I wouldn't bother planner 1. I asked a question what would they do but nobody wants to answer proberely because deep down they agree with us but can't say because they would loose face :confused:o
  9. What would you all do if there wasn't any enforcement in Sheffield trying to get about doing your daily business Cars vans lorries parked on Dyl syl blocking crossings, junctions,. You trying to get to from work taking kids to school. You need emergency services Want to park outside your home when you been at work all day or you having a large delivery Go to supermarket nothing what you need on shelves because deliveries couldn't get through traffic jams everywhere. You try to park in a car park can't get in because cars been there days blocking the spaces giving nobody else a chance Please give me your ideas I'd love to here them ---------- Post added 23-03-2014 at 22:25 ---------- No it's not just feel these people do a service to help us get around our city in a reasonable fashion.
  10. You are just fools I'm sorry but you are. It was highly publicised that the parks (Hillsborough Millhouses Graves ) were all going to be pay display car parks at least two years ago and that the money raised would be put back into the parks for their upkeep, which is what happens it is 50p an hour parking services don't get any money from enforcing the parks. If you don't want to pay don't use simple, you can park for free in Hillsborough on a Sunday in the shared use and permit bays and on a single yellow line. There is plenty of places to park near the park, the trouble is you just have to use your legs a little
  11. I would have thought that the people supporting this event wouldn't be bothered about parking because they would support parking a small distance away where there isn't a contravention and walk to the event so they are exercising. Not parking as close as they can not bothered about safety of other road and pedestrian users just so they can be as close as possible. Well done parking services you do a grand job
  12. Maybe it was may be it wasn't. What do you really think of the situation I was talking about :wink
  13. Thank you Planner1. Yet again wrong information given out again about those hard working abused parking services
  14. Yes I agree but 8 years is a long time for nobody to have picked up on it. I can't seem to find where this person got their information from. I'm interested because I live in one of the cpz areas never had a fine though
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