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  1. Try RW flooring hes called richard 07939682558 can highly recommend
  2. I have 2 red footed tortoises for sale including the vivarium it is the full set up including uv lamp and heat lamp we no longer have room for them and i will be sad to see them go £150 for the lot tel: 07926909117 ---------- Post added 15-08-2013 at 19:44 ---------- they have now been sold
  3. Try the oak inn at swallownest, Georgina has done loads of kids parties and room round back for bouncy castle
  4. Sheffield Kitchen outlet are giving upto a £1000 worth appliances with any kitchen at the min. And yes all my units (from Sheffield Kitchen outlet) are ridged 18mm units, howdens also sent out a kitchen designer who measured wrong (missed a full unit off).
  5. We purchased ours from Kitchen Outlet just off Carlise Street, nealy half the price what Howdens were quoting, quality still the same.
  6. After getting a prices from many companies Howdens £8k B&Q too long on order Wickes £7k Homebase £7k We visited the SHeffield Kitchen Outlet, they didnt want to know other prices to price match just came to a price just short of £4k including some appliances. Service was second to none and carcases came ready built so easy to install.
  7. I think there is also a section on the hmrc website that you can report these emails to, might be worth doing.
  8. try G K ford Worksop, 01909500000 ask for Lynn in Rental
  9. The new calculations are valid from oct 2010 till sept 2011, any rateable value under £6000 will get 100% small business rate relief and as the above post states anything else upto £12000 will now get double the amount. so if you were getting 25% SBRR you will get 50%. I work for a ratings co who help businesses appeal business rates and have found a lot of businesses have had increases in April which took them just over the £6000 so not eligible for the 100% SBRR.
  10. Sheffield kitchen outlet were offering £500 worth of appliances with any kitchen
  11. Sheffield Kitchen Outlet on Carlise Street. Brilliant customer service and a price to match.
  12. Seen Andrea today and she remembers you Mark.
  13. i will ask her tomorrow when i see her.
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