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  1. This Imam could have got a young disabled girl executed through his own supremacist religious ideology. There is no moral equivalence between what he did, and criticising him and his ideology. It's like saying people who criticise Nazism are as bad as Hitler.
  2. But being a top athlete and getting there is very expensive, it can mean training most of the day everyday, which unless you can afford not to have an income and be bankrolled by say mum and dad, will be out of reach for many, which is why I believe there are so many athletes from privilaged backgrounds.
  3. Relaxation of planning laws isn't necessarily going to mean building on green belt land, the planning process is complicated and cumbersome even for city dwellers wanting an extension to their home etc, a bit of simplification will be a good thing.
  4. Wow just think of all the vitally important law enforcement this could be used for: Dog fouling People smoking in the wrong place People putting their bins out too early People stopping on double yellow lines at 6am to run into a paper shop to get the newspaper People parked slightly over the white lines in public car parks Speeding marginally over the limit Council bosses and police chiefs must be absolutely wetting themselves with excitement at the prospect of this new revenue stream.
  5. Well said Ruby, it isn't people living in the wealthier parts of the city that suffer the consequences. My kids primary school has two interpreters, and has had to dedicate a significant amount of space and resources just for the EAL kids, and is the same situation in other local schools. Can the same be said at the other side of town in places like Banner Cross and Totley etc? Do people in these areas walk into their doctors surgeries to find it rammed with migrants, and can't get appointments for days and days?
  6. http://news.sky.com/story/979143/street-cleaner-death-homeowner-devastated Such a sad story about a street cleaner turned have-a-go-hero. Brave man, but a reminder that intervening isn't always the best thing to do.
  7. I think what the link in the OP illustrates is the pressure put on public services like maternity services by the volume of migrants, that is an undeniable fact. And the root cause of all this is the Labour administration of post 1997 who opened up the doors to the nation with little or no thought to the consequences or planning for a massive increase in population that their immigration policy would cause. The Impact of Immigration on Maternity Services in England
  8. No need to go that far, just try some of the local primary and secondary schools in Sheffield.
  9. You will come to understand, Sheffield Forum is a private entity and it's membership and content (user generated content) are totally at the mercy of the whims of the forum owners and puppets, ergo do not make the mistake of thinking this site is a tolerant place for well reasoned argument and opinion to be aired in this arena, it isn't. Certain topics are much more heavily regulated and censored than others. Read this quick before it is deleted.
  10. Ah yes the Daily Fail, or erm, the BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, the ONS. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-19427776 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/9508687/Record-number-of-babies-born-to-foreign-born-mothers.html http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/davehillblog/2012/may/22/london-birth-to-mothers-born-overseas http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/vsob1/parents--country-of-birth--england-and-wales/2010/births-in-england-and-wales-by-parents--country-of-birth--2010.html The link from the ONS gives a vitally important stat: The total fertility rates have risen to 1.88 for UK born women and 2.45 for non-UK born women That means if it wasn't for the portion of foreigners giving birth here, our population would actually start to go down. For those of us that recognise that population growth is a problem, this is why the high number of foreign borns is a problem as they're pushing our population ever higher.
  11. I heard Salou is a really good family destination, close to Barcelona too.
  12. If you look at population age charts, you'll see there is a blip, a bulge of people getting to the senior ages, which is down to the baby boomers. Macabre as it may be, the people in that blip will eventually die. On its own it would be a relatively short term problem, massively increasing the population to deal with this particular problem is just a house of cards, since they will also get old, place additional demand on services throughout their lifetimes etc. The UK has been going through another baby boom over the last few years, a migrant baby boom, so the problems we are seeing at the moment with an aging population we should expect to see again in 70 years.
  13. No, no, no. Nothing you say of real concern may be considered legitimate, you MUST be racist!
  14. Why use Jessica Ennis as an example of multi-culturalism? She's a fantastic example of British and English culture and sporting success.
  15. I once went hunting on a massive ranch in Zimbabwe for Impala which we planned to eat. Unfortunately all we came back with was a pigeon.
  16. After reading the article I don't understand why a family would go through a fertility clinic just so they can "balance" their family, why does it really matter so much to have at least one of each sex? Why go to those lengths and expense when other women are not fortunate to have any? Surely if you want a child, the sex of it should not matter. It all sounds quite desperate.
  17. As a father of two boys, I know my partner would like a girl, I would to, but we have absolutely no compulsion to have another child to try get a girl for the sake of it, and if we were loathed to get another boy, we certainly wouldn't try for another child. Going through IVF for no reason other than using it as an enabler for sex selection takes it to another level and would make a mockery of people going through IVF for medical reasons.
  18. I think in the case of IVF where several embryos are created and it's likely some will be discarded anyway, sex selection probably doesn't matter, it's not the same as having a termination of a single fetus because of it's sex. I don't know why multiply embryos are created during IVF (maximise chances of success?), and I don't know if this is even possible, but IMO if any selection can be done it should be the fittest and healthiest embryos given the chance of life.
  19. That seems to suggest that if they were to have a child of the "wrong" undesired sex, they would be dissatisfied, possibly resentful. If that's even a possibility, I'd suggest they shouldn't bother trying for another child, they should love whatever comes out in equal measure to their previous offspring.
  20. If it's only a fringe element how come almost the whole middle east and south Asia are pretty much the same? These are the places where Islam is followed most closely, where the religion's adherant's take it most seriously. The simple fact is that popularity of Islam and how seriously it is taken is inversely proportional to human rights and civilised society. Read this post quick people before a sensitive soul reports it as "racist" and the post removed.
  21. Afaik he requested the death penalty by firing squad during his trial. Iirc he said acquittal or death were the only just outcomes. EDIT: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-17752189
  22. Apparently during his closing statement, he was going to apologise to his comrades in arms for not killing enough, before he was cut off by the judge. What a sick twisted *******, hope he never steps outside a prison.
  23. Factually incorrect, the Met did not choose him, in fact the Met had already stopped using him. Skip to 1:12 on this BBC report which explains what happened: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19360852
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