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  1. The answer is probably quite simple. Women weren't allowed to be members and if you weren't a member you couldn't officially get served at the bar. I don't think bar staff can be bothered to check if strangers are members these days, nor can people be bothered to sign in.
  2. My sentiments entirely Keith. Great News for the local community. I well remember the "Crockery Lift", didn't they used to call them Dumb Waiters. Who did we put in it to surprise them upstairs ? Was it Hindy ! ---------- Post added 21-11-2014 at 23:10 ---------- Back Row - David Henstock, Mick Rawson (Walt), Steven Gawthorpe, Tony Atkinson, John Mortimer, Paul Smith , John Hindmarch (Hindy52) , Kevin Christian (Bantambuddy), Keith Ball (Hawkshead Boy),Alan Norton . Middle Row- Philip Nortcliffe, Paul Haywood, John Simms, Roy Crossey, Cliff Minnis, Mr.Haywood, Steven Hallam, Rodney Greenwood. Front Row - Andrew Pogson, Neil Smith, David Drury, Gary Parker. It was definitely 1967, I left BB in 1968.
  3. I think you are right about the year Terry, it was owler lane infants. Some of these kids were in your school year and some were in mine. Back row 2nd from right Heather Bailey, Back row 4th from left Elaine Spooner, 3rd row second right Stuart Burnham, 3rd row 2nd left Susan Barson, front row 1st left Susan Allott, front row 2nd left sandra somerset ?
  4. In the 1960's it went off in the morning at 7.30am, not sure about the afternoon exactly but I think it was about 4.15pm - 4.30pm
  5. Sad news. One of the all time Wednesday greats. My first match at Hillsborough on 15th March 1958 was I believe his first league game. I still have the programme.
  6. There is a grave plan at Sheffield Archives Shoreham Street.
  7. Do you mean Mick Thoday, and no its not him. Its Mr Stephenson an officer at 21st Boys Brigade Company . At the time he lived on Birdwell Road in Grimesthorpe.
  8. Others not already mentioned are Back row 2nd left, the late Brian Locker, far right Howard Quibell. Third row 3rd left John Simms, 9th left the late Graham Lee, 10th left John Stephenson. Second Row 1st left Mrs Stephenson, 8th left Mr Stephenson (not Mr Haywood) and front row far right Margaret Stephenson.
  9. Can any former Grimesthorpe BB members identify anyone from this 21st and 53rd BB Camp at Sheringham about 1962. Come on TFishcake and Hawkshead Boy you are pictured on here!
  10. The St Thomas church records are available to inspect at Sheffield Archives , on Shoreham Street .
  11. Sad news, I knew Karen as a teenager, through my friendship with Keith. My condolences to Keith and her family.
  12. That were nowt Bri. Look at Brightside lane on 25th June 2007. They had to pull 'em out wi helicopter. Look at this youtube clip about 2mins in.
  13. There certainly was another story to it. The year was 1963 and the fire was when the whole pattern shop on carlisle street went up in flames, despite it pouring down with rain at the time. I was talking to two old grimesthorpians on Saturday who knew the culprits.
  14. Still love mi pobs skippy, but things are that bad 'ere av 'ad to take bones outen mi shirt collar to mek some soup to dip mi pobs in!
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