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  1. They seem to have moved into club mill road now, near the cemetery. The people seemed friendly but there were some scary looking dogs when I walked through and I did feel nervous. I can't imagine they have permission to be there but I don't expect they will move on again voluntarily. Does anyone have any other information ? Are the council going to move them on again, do they even know that they're there?
  2. Need to get to Manchester .Are the roads clear?
  3. Thanks, It isn't HDTV but I did try a retune which didn't help.The scart lead idea might be worth a try.
  4. Is anyone else having problems with freeview sound reception? We have a perfect picture but no sound since yesterday.Tried a different TV and can get sound on that but some channels are missing.Don't know whether to buy a new Tv or whether it is a problem with the freeview signal.
  5. As a general rule of thumb I would avoid all Sheffield council estates, and before anyone comments, I have lived on them all my life.
  6. Was anyone at the opening of Boux Avenue today? Was there anyone famous there apart from Theo Paphitas?
  7. Actually, most of you seem to think that outdoor PE for five year olds is fine so I find myself in the minority. I still think that it is cruel and I know that other parents are angry but too afraid to speak out.I have found some of your comments quite demoralising and hope that when you have children of your own you have a little more regard for their welfare.
  8. The advice seems to be ,if you are unhappy you can leave the school but where are you supposed to go?
  9. Well my little boy was crying because he didn't want to go out in the cold again after just arriving at school.But I expect that is because he is "soft".
  10. Have any of you got children because you seem very hard hearted, admitting that PE was awful but wanting to subject others to the same misery.
  11. I don't care about my kids being soft as long as they don't get pneumonia.
  12. Even the school admits there are times when it will be too cold.They just don't seem to have a cut off point in place.
  13. Do you think schools should take parents views into consideration when deciding if it is too cold?
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