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  1. They must have improved, some years ago I took on of my watches on recommendation from a pal It was a 1942 Helios swiss movement well known make. German standard wartime issue for the Wehrmacht Thousands still about hundreds on e bay for about £200 so nothing special. It was working and keeping time , it just wanted a clean and service It was as if I'd taken them a sonic screwdriver for repair
  2. You lot are going to have to help me out with this. I'm pretty sure its the old Taylors eye witness [ Milton Street ?] building back of the Moor. on the corner where the religious text is carved into the wall.] {Legend has it in my family is that it was carved into the wall over a long period of time by the local copper] Anyway my point is at floor level on the front of the building built into the wall is a steel plate resembling a manhole cover bearing embossed words to the effect that it a covering or entrance to an air raid shelter . {I remember when I saw it thinking that it looked out of place and should be both rescued and preserved Both worth a look in you are interested in Sheffield history, Sorry for the vagueness but its a long time since I was down that way .http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s26022&prevUrl=
  3. Its at Tinsley flight, the locks at the marina behind Ikea. The pile of large stones apparently were from a lock destroyed by a bomb, That lock was never replaced, the date was carved and painted on the lock wall,
  4. This from picture Sheffield shows what the section between Prince of Wales Road up to the Mosborough link rounabout looked like. You can just see the swimming pool in the valley which means that the photo was taken after 1924 {I could be wrong about that} The farmhouses are there but no Sheffield council yard which stood between Pipworth School playground and the farm houses. There are some decent photos of the baths on picture Sheffield and also some of an area called Corker Bottoms which was was at the bottom of Beaumont Road North down to the Nunnery pit, it more ore less followed the line Parkway to the Woodbourn area and the Nunnery slagheap and Cowlishaws Seeing this picture is quite sad because of just how idyllic the area looked http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s24489&prevUrl=
  5. Might be Ok for the stripping, but I wouldn't be so sure about the buying. I took five Victorian 4 panel doors, architrave on both sides , original rimlocks on 3 all in good nick. I was pretty much disgusted with what was offered by Goodes. I put them on e bay quite cheap compared to some what were on offer and sold them for five yes 5 times what I was offered.
  6. I would'nt have thought it would get to Dore or Totley, after all they can afford to pay their drug dealers, and are generally well educated and polite enough to show nuff 'spect. Innit.
  7. I too grew up on the Manor in the 60's&70's I have no memories of any families affected by drugs or alcohol to any (apart from one lad on the Manor Park who died in the early 70's) Plenty of poor people, just who got on with it and there are plenty of 50/ 60 year olds that I know from poorer families there who have done very well for themselves. Plenty of rough ins I grant you but the proliferation of lowlife since the 1980's has baffled me.
  8. When I saw this thread my first thought about Lightwood Lane was that how difficult it was to get a parking space on there on a Friday night in the 70's. A pal of mine got his Cortina 1600e [his pride and joy] stuck in mud there. The young lady got out in disgust and he apparently never saw her again. We got him out the next morning. Happy days
  9. Listing means nothing, there are many fine buildings which have absolutely no protection at yet here is a fine example of grade 2 protection !! http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s00652&pos=26&action=zoom&id=4549
  10. Stradbroke Road near the Co op was resurfaced the week before Christmas. It's been dug up twice since by one of the utilities.
  11. Leave it for the next user fine. But over the canal on Staniforth Road!!!
  12. You know the usual way. Given up, surrendered, forsaken, given careless freedom.
  13. We've just seen two abandoned on the canal bridge at Staniforth Road. Don't know why but I do feel concerned for their future.
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