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  1. Thanks for the responses, they're much appreciated. Any responses are very much welcome and will all help inform my research
  2. Hi, I am a student undertaking an MA Town & Regional Planning at the University of Sheffield. I am undertaking research for my dissertation regarding the New Deal for Communities scheme and in particular Burngreave, which was one of the 39 neighbourhoods where the scheme was implemented I was wondering if any residents and even any former residents would be kind enough to offer their views and opinions of the area. I would also be interested to find out if residents have seen any notable change (e.g development, job creation, community involvement etc) since the New Deal was implemented, be that a positive or negative change. Any opinions from non-residents would also be very much welcome. Thanks
  3. I thought he'd have dropped Spurr and Segdwick today. But Teale was dropped instead, very strange.
  4. I tend to agree and his team selection today was dodgy, but to ask for him to be sacked yet, is crazy. Then again, we're used to sacking managers at Hillsborough, it's a habit
  5. I second this Corker! Can't believe some fans are calling for Irvine's head already. He won manager of the month last month!
  6. He's looked a bit iffy, but it doesn't help like on Saturday when the defence were just hoofing it up to him. Michalik was so much taller he won every ball. We desperately needed Mellor on Saturday to ruffle their back four. Play the ball to Morrison's feet and he'll do well.
  7. I agree with that, but going on Frankie's injury record, I understand why he was let go. He was a cracking player before his injuries.
  8. I like Sedgwick. He works his socks off and helps out defensively. I think Irvine will go between JJ and Teale as to who to choose, as they are really out and out attackers. Sedgwick does more of an all round job and has a decent cross on him. He's not bad at dribbling either considering his lack of pace.
  9. Thought I'd give this it's own topic after Corker mentioned a collection for Sid. Wednesdayite and SWFC are holding a collection before the Chesterfield match, but you can also donate online. http://www.wednesdayite.com/news/wednesdayite-news/490-collection-for-injured-swfc-supporter.html
  10. I think fans group Wednesdayite are holding a collection for Sid before the game on Saturday.
  11. I didn't think Everton/Liverpool rivalry was religious based? My ex-girlfriends family were Evertonians and they told me Everton played at Anfield, but there was a dispute over rent or something, so they moved and Liverpool FC was formed to play at Anfield. I was told something along those lines. I mentioned the religious aspect as My Dad had mentioned it and they said there never was one and they are hardcore fans.
  12. To be fair to Strafford, he's just showing up the board for what they are and I'm all for that, surely you are too as a fan? The board are a complete disgrace. Hulley, Cooke and Grierson have been hiding in that boardroom for years, whilst the debt has risen and risen. We need people like Strafford (who has 'inside' info) to help rid them.
  13. It's probably due to Sheffield clubs being similar in size at this moment in time. Where as in Liverpool, Liverpool are the bigger club, Villa in Brum, Forest bigger than County etc etc. It could change so quickly in Sheffield. When I was a young kid (90's), Wednesday seemed to be the outright big club in Sheffield, no longer, we're similar in size, hence why I think some go on and on about attendances.
  14. The board are a disgrace and even Parker has become their puppet.
  15. I just hope this forces the directors hands in terms of investment. This hopefully rings alarm bells, because they'll get hardly owt if we did go into admin.
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