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  1. yes it was me. feel free to give me a call ta
  2. machine mart is good, search them out as they have certain vat free days on clarke mig welders
  3. wanted, classic car project anything considered 07733116340
  4. is there CCTV on Northern Avenue shops? If so who does it belong to? Thanks.
  5. give me a ring for a chat mate, i know these cars well. i also have two of them sent you a pm with my number
  6. thank you for reply,,,, but no thanks
  7. i am still looking for something, has anybody got anything for sale any project considered
  8. give me a ring and we can have a chat 07733116340
  9. I am looking for a set, or the odd one or two fiesta mk1/2 alloys pepperpot type don't need tyres rims don't need to be perfect, as I am refurbing them cheers.. ---------- Post added 23-05-2013 at 16:40 ---------- come on folks somebody must have got some for sale
  10. if its a weld on wing then it wants fitting to the van first, otherwise you will just ruin your new paint
  11. I have also bought the eros kit from mirage and I have not had a real fag for over a month now its very good.
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