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  1. I need someone to hang doors do plumbing & electrics at my house. Can any one help?
  2. Cannon. Hen & Chicks. Market Tavern. Ahhhh. Bad beer. Bad women. Such an experience. Cant beat it. They can beat you though.
  3. Do they have the same second name ? If so who?
  4. Houndsfieldjr. How eloquent. How well put. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
  5. Tory party is the last party to ''lose it'' All of them, good bye & goodridence to another particular piece of rubbsh. Who do we vote for now? Who is going to stand up say they are going to defend our country? Forget fascit. Who?
  6. BBC radio Sheffield. Right now, 13.20 Dec 20th Sheffield based carols on Roney Robinson's show. Sounds really good. Enjoy
  7. Apart from macdonalds hotel & the horrific st apaulings place. The proposed, its not built yet but people want it knocked down already, monstrous 32 story st apauling tower slab. Sheffield city centre! What a dreary ugly dump!
  8. No change at all. More new ugly buildings. Hate the place. Its not just sheffield, its everywhere
  9. Yeah! Remember very clearly doing GCSE music at night. Left after about 3 months. Teacher with an appaling temper. Treated me like a child, 36 at the time. Very bad memories indeed.
  10. Talk Sport. Go to MW if you not got digital then its 1089 or somewhere round there. They are waiting outside the hospital now.
  11. A statement is about to be read from the west London hospital where George Best has been for the last few days. It had to come eventualy. This Irish son has lived the life of lifes & like everything else, you reap what you sow. I hate all sports but I like this person, arts an all.
  12. I think the creator of Inspector Morse, Colin Dexter, may have come from Rotherham.
  13. This begins with an old song by Cher. I shot you down bang bang. This bit has been lifted from Cher & is incorporated into a video. What is the band called? Thanks folks
  14. Sheffield ****y council in action once again. Striving to spend your money to make sheffield into one enormouse bland legoland characterless dump.
  15. That may be hartening news that the plans have not been finalised. You, as others may be mistaken. Its not that I want cobbled streets & things to look old as if Ime walking in a Victorian fantasy wonderland. Eg. The town hall looks superb. It does not look old it just looks good. The Victorians drew inspiration from the gothic age. The town hall has a gothic look but no where in the gothic age would you find a building that looks like this. The Victorians brought there own style & incorporated this into countless buildings. Similarly with the 21 century. I draw an example, & inspiration, from the Winter garedens & the near by peace gardens. They both are modern comtempary constructions but, to me look great. Even if you dont like these two examples at least many can acknowledge that some sort of craftmanship & aesthetic thought has gone into these projects. St pawfull place & the huge stpawfull huge oblong retro, allways despised, 1960s ''apartments'' block of flats the proposed retail quater is just what it it is, cheap & ugly. Lets have profit. Lets make it look good.
  16. When I saw the bulldozers & scaffolding go up with the old education buildings on Leopold street I nearly wept as I thought they were going to be knocked down, the council would never do that would they, ? I later found out the buildings were to be restored & converted. Saw the plans on the internett. I am very impressed. That is a good thing for this city. I love this. Thats what I want. Leopold square, 19 century looks good. Winter gardens, 21st century looks good. Please more good looking buildings
  17. I saw the draught plans for st pawfulls place. The real construction looks even worse than the touched up picture of the draught & the draught looked rubbish to start with. Yeah! Doom & gloom how can you not feel it? I thought we were going to be presented with some really inspiring developments. I thought Sheffield was getting there with the winter gardens. Then MacDonalds hotel, ugh, st pauls place, not my kind of place, the, retro super dull deppresihg ugly, st pauls tower. Now the legoland piled up just for profit crappey boxes. Transforming an old dump into a new dump. well done. Result!
  18. Took a look at hammersons plan for the retail quater. How awfull, how depressing. Once again legoland uglyness, cheapo tackey, pretend its prestigious rubbish prevails. Sheffield city centre is adump. No question
  19. Does it look good? I have not seen the plans. Judgeing on whats gone up in this past couple or so years I bet not. I would love there to be changes to transform this ugly dump of a city into something more attractive. Why cant or wont they designe contempary buildings that look good instead of these souless slabs like the horrifieng sick mess st paul tower? Dull dreary foul, very ugly (retro 1960s slab)? Nice name, shame about the place. Oh Yeah! Some Forumers are praising the dreary st pauls slab & saying we must move forward. So why are they praising this awfull, blast from the past, 1906s pile?
  20. What an utterly rubbish, banal, childish embarassing load of c**p. Do the students of these flats really want to associate themselves with this crummy ''sixth form'' type of kids poetry?
  21. Still looking for an all night pub venue. Might try The Earl Of Arundel. Cant think of any others. any suggestions? (Dont like night clubs).
  22. They are very good. Witty lyrics. Original. Like how they sing with our regional accent & dialect Infinitly betterm than the hyped up mediocre, emmbarasing Pulp.
  23. Does the group The Arctic Monkeys come from Sheffield?
  24. Used to work with a woman who used to say Schewpid for stupid. Also top of the irritating list is the classic BASICALY.
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