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  1. good!!!!! and likes of that <removed> jon venables who got 8 yrs of comfort for killing and sexual assualting poor james bulger. to be let out of his cushty unit. on several new names.. and to then offened twice since realease and gets stupid pathetic sentenes for his vilal crimes.this man whos never gona change... needs exposing for the publics safety and our childrens saftey.. anyhow rant over... hope he gets wots coming soon...
  2. any one know wot all the road works are far on the above rd.. outside b&m and lidle .... thanks
  3. hi does any one know of anyone preff in sheff. who makes sculptures /models ect as im after sumert making so i can use it for vacume form moulding. its for 1/5th scale car. thanks plz pm for furthrer details .
  4. Hi if any of you forumers out they beleave in spirits /ghost ect.. on tnghts Corrie the (scene were robert threatens rich) under arch way .well if you look cafefuly you can see wot looks like orbs going across the screen wich are white balls of light ..??... can never say never !!!
  5. 100% armed police seen them as they allowed me through on to parkway towards town centre. from parkway retail outlet junction . But not a clue wots it about !!..
  6. Since the tower block fire at grenfell London . The councils are now checking the cladding wich have recently been installed on thousands of high rise flats in the last say 10 years over the uk ..for fire requlations ect... surely these claddings would have been subjected to high requlation testing before being offerd to large contracting businesses .ie: the council ect ect . Looks to me like a pass the blame . Find it hard to beleave that 24 storeys would go up like it did wen made out of concrete.from one kitchen appliance fire... that's my opinion anyone thinking the same .
  7. Hi wots wrong with the scooter as I'm intrested for my dad who's disabsld thanks
  8. Hi anyone know wots happens in hemsworth Rd this morning .as the police have blocked the Rd from the roundabout at top of blackstock Rd ....
  9. Hi does any one on here .know how to lace up bicycle wheels . For a small price can u plz pm if you can and I can send you my number much appreciated .thanks Scott
  10. Today going down Barnsley rd .towards firvale a gold/silver vauxhall could have been a vectra /zafira .came out of earl marshal rd. sounding horn constantly with headlights on .just as I was driving past he came behind me pretty close sounding horn ect.i thought it was either stolen or just lads messing around well as I went up towards ngh .he was still behind me until he turned into ngh .then I realised he was trying to get someone to the a&e .felt bad at that point cus I just drove at 30 .thinking wotever so if by any chance this was you sorry mate if I knew I would av pulled over to let u pass..
  11. Same happend to me stonks ..£33.50 bill wen it should be £15.. Rang them up told them I haven't signed up for anything . So they sent me a refund by cheque .withen a week... And cancelled so called membership ..
  12. True wot you say about council taking all green spaces up . And about time that junction got made wider .as I've nearly had front end of my car taken out several times with buses .. At that junction ..
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