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  1. Sorry forgot the . xxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxx xx xx xx my darling wife:help:
  2. Happy birthday darling . You don't look a day over 50 . Sorry 40.
  3. Thanx everyone . The pots are done , the fence is painted and the flowers watered . It's been a long day
  4. This is what it looks like . http://www.panoramio.com/photo/5972298 I'll get you directions later on when I'm on my pc . On my phone right now
  5. How about the viewing point near the wind turbines at royd moor
  6. Ok i'll do it now . I tried sending all the photos of one dog but it is to large to send . 3 should be ok though .
  7. You can also link to a slide show . here is one of Molly
  8. Do you mean the whole lot for each dog or all dogs ?
  9. Your welcome As for the photos . I'ts luck more than talent . Trust me
  10. If you right click on the image of the dog here . You just select "copy link location" from the menu or it may say "copy shortcut" depending on what browser you use. If that makes sense
  11. Send me your email address and i'll give it a try
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