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  1. i think you'll find that green steps also offer fish and chips withy normal flour, and also its medical not religious so cant really be compared. and yes, they are awesome.
  2. i live on brighton terrace road laura so ill keep an even bigger eye out.. x
  3. http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?ref=mb#/group.php?gid=75703312148&ref=mf
  4. maybe put a link to your facebook page laura? then people can see a picture.. x
  5. cheers daniel... anyone know somewhere good that'll fit it? how much (ish) do you reckon the whole thing will cost? Just an estimate ball park figure so i have an idea what we might be looking at so i can impress my boyf when i pick him up tommor with my detective work?
  6. hi, not sure if this is the right place to post this or if anyone can help, just got a note under the door from the police saying my boyfriends car has been broken into (he's been away for a week and i havent seen the car since he left). Theyve broken the pasenger door window and tried to yank the passenger door open... its gonna need a new door and he only have 3rd party insurance so dont think its covered.. does anyone know how much-ish a new door would cost to buy or get from a sracp year - and also to fit.. i am naive about these things so any help before we starting looking for quotes would be much appreciated - boys not back from america until 2m so am not looking forward to telling him, but if ive done some research he might be less annnoyed... anyone good that people could recommend would be much appreciated.. thanks
  7. incredibly, he's already done a one on one with the hitman himself, and both trainers, and amir khan.. and im stuck at home revising for my finals, not fair..
  8. my boyfriends out ther covering it for the press association, so jealous.. ring side... i read it was 4am but i may be wrong
  9. http://www.thestar.co.uk/food/English-favourite-is-a-real.5170707.jp
  10. thats obviously not what i meant, but thanks for your understanding and help.. its actually quite difficult having a food intolerance and not being able to eat any of the things that your friends and family can, Raising awareness is the only thing we can do to encourage local businesses to cater for us, p.s. thank you so much AngryMuppet as Ive just phones green steps and they're exclusively glutenfreee.. so excited. havent had batter in over a year..
  11. because if they know that many local people would be interested they are more likely to want to start serving it..
  12. I discoverd a gluten free fish and chip shop in york which has gluten free wednesdays but its a bit far too go for my craving.. any one know anywhere closer? Im trying to persuade new cod on the block to go gluten free one day a week and they seemed receptive so any fellow coeliacs should go there (dont eat tho as even the chips have got flour on the aparently) and tell them you'd be interested in their gluten free option.. thanks
  13. hey.. my friend has her boyfriend coming over from france and wants him to take him somewhere fun for food tonight, with character and a good atmosphere? any ideas.. thanks
  14. def got one in tesco at infirmary road
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