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  1. Does anyone know why 52a buses are stacking up (up to 3 buses) on Manchester Road at the bottom of Coldwell Lane, which is not on their route. Out of service buses are frequently being seen travelling down Coldwell Lane and Lydgate Lane, neither of which are bus routes. Are First trying out new routes or is this a form of industrial action by drivers?
  2. I really think HS2 is fast becoming a white elephant. Far better to spend the colossal sum of money required on upgrading and electrifying the whole of the line from St Pancras to Sheffield and then spending the money left on a high speed line to Manchester (again upgrading the existing line) and extending supertram to Rotherham and, if practical, Doncaster and Barnsley
  3. There is currently a planning application to demolish this cottage in the picturesque Mayfield valley and build a modern flat roofed property which will look like a nuclear bunker. If you use the Mayfield valley in Fulwood (perhaps as a walker or cyclist), may I suggest you consult the Sheffield City Council planning department website and bring up planning application 17/02756. If you wish to object to what will be an eyesore, please register on the website and post your objection
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