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  1. Has everyone given up on this? I'm sure that some one must know where it is......
  2. There's a lock smith just off ecclesall road. They might be worth a try! Good luck
  3. I went past there today and you can still see the imprint of the original John Banner lettering. Does anyone know what the small building next to it is. It looks like they were both built at the same time in the same style. The building i'm on about is on the side road opposite the chicken place.
  4. Yea cheers. Some good ones on there.
  5. Bit more info here DavidRa. If your interested.... 1925 September 3rd: Wilfred FOWLER (23) Hung in Leeds Wilfred Fowler and his elder brother, Lawrence, led a gang of Sheffield toughs who specialised in instilling terror into local shopkeepers and generally impersonating the American gangster. Events that were to lead them to the scaffold began at the end of April when there was a disturbance in a city centre public house. Trimmer Welsh, the muscle behind the gang, was causing a scene with the new barmaid in a pub. He went to strike her for refusing his advances but was warned off by William Plommer. a former boxer. The two men squared up, and having no fear of the gang's reputation. Plommer beat the man senseless. On the following day. the gang. out for revenge, cornered Plommer as he stood talking to another former boxer, Jack Clay. The altercation ended when Clay beat Wilf Fowler unsconscious. This loss of face called for drastic action and the next day, the gang went to Plommer's house and called him into the street. A scuffle took place, ending with Plommer lying in a heap on the ground. The gang had attacked him with knives, chains and clubs, and he died from his injuries a short time later. There was an initial reluctance by witnesses to testify against the Fowler gang, but under assurance from an Inspector Sillitoe, who had been given the task of cleaning up the city, that they would be safe from reprisals, the police soon had enough evidence to arrest seven members of the gang on a murder charge. Their four day trial took place at Yorkshire Assizes before Mr Justice Finlay in July and ended in the death sentence being passed on the Fowler brothers, while three others were convicted of manslaughter. The remaining two were found not guilty. Wilfred Fowler was hanged alongside BOSTOCK by Thomas Pierrepoint, Robert Wilson, and Henry Pollard. Lawrence Fowler was hanged the following day. The actual murder happened on Princess street on the top end of attercliffe.
  6. If memory serves right it was 2 Fowlers. Wilfred and Lawrence. There's an earlier post around if you want more info.
  7. I know that there are a few people on here who read this page at work. Maybe they can help u!
  8. How do! i am currently in the process of touting around venues in sheffield for a once monthly SKA night. It's in the early stages and i'm open to ideas so i thought i'd throw it out to you guys! Any ideas would be very much appreciated you can either post them here or PM me. I'd also like to find out whether any of you guys would attend. if so let me know and i'll make sure theres a discount on the door for SF members. So please get in touch.............
  9. Deon. I've read your posts and had nothing to do with the ongoing argument on this thread. HOWEVER, it is obvious that you do hace some interest in the venue. I'd probably guess your one of shiela's mates. QUOTE: the new manageress was extremly pleasant i recognised her from when she worked at halcyon and she has great ideas lined up for the venue give it a break and give them a chance. If you only recognised her how do you know what great ideas she has. Are you a mind reader! I think not. The place is going down the toilet and will be back as before once she goes. Oh and that won't be to long either! ta ta
  10. Not very busy at the moment mate. If thats your sort of thing try it on friday nights.
  11. I also know Bryn and i would be very suprised if that was all it was.
  12. Just to clarify this post. I haven't been on else i would of replied earlier. I was the doorman who ejected that hirl and her friend on sunday when Armand van helden was there. I was on that venue working as cover from my usual venue. The girl in question was almost lying on the table in the end and it wasn't the first time. First of all one of the regular bouncers told her to sit up 3 times. Each time she would be warned not to do it again as there are health and safety issues with the tables strength under pressure. On the 3rd occasion she was warned that a further time would result in ejection These are glass topped tables not beds. A shout went up on the radio and she then did it a fourth time when my colleague came to me at the top level. He was midway through telling me that if she laid down again to eject her when she decided to lay down. We then asked went to talk to her and as soon as it was mentioned that she would have to leave she started kicking off. whilst trying to remove her she also tried to run away. Now i know everyone thinks that all bouncers are tossers but we are employed to do a job and being warned four times seems to be sufficent. Also regardless of the 17 pound entry fee it does not entitle you to blatantly disregard the rules. Just wanted to get that off my chest.
  13. Try The Killers - Hot fuss. Also try the libertines and bloc party they are both excellent.
  14. i am. my mates lived on jordo for 2 and a half years so i have spent some time up there. No complaints as yet. I was just sticking up for the area sigmar
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