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  1. DON’T SAY YOU ARE ENGLISH Goodbye my England, so long old friend Your days are numbered, being brought to an end. To be Scottish or Irish or Welsh that’s just fine, But don’t say you’re English that’s way out of line! The French and the Germans may call themselves such, As may the Norwegians, the Swedes and the Dutch. You can say you are Russian or maybe a Dane, But don’t say you are English ever again. At Broadcasting House that word is taboo, In Brussels they’ve scrapped it, in Parliament too. Even schools are affected, staff do as they’re told, They mustn’t teach children about the England of old. Writers like Shakespeare, Milton or Shaw, Do pupils not learn about them anymore? How about Agincourt, Hastings or Mons? Where England lost hosts of her very brave sons. We’re not Europeans, how can we be? Europe is miles away, over the sea! We’re English from England let’s all be proud. Stand up and be counted, shout it out loud! Let’s tell Gordan Brown and Brussels too. We’re proud of our heritage, not just red, white and blue. Fly the flag of St. George, not the Union Jack! Let the World know ENGLAND is back
  2. Istanbul and antalya and wasnt it last year the travel agent went bust and the hotel made them all pay again .....
  3. Yeah I remember the sunday school,Wesley hall on wincobank lane.lol
  4. There was a stabbing in handsworth in march out side the church. http://www.thestar.co.uk/headlines/Stabbing-victim-was-armed-with.5064305.jp
  5. brilliant will send a cheque ty .
  6. Sure i will post the address to where it has to be sent plz
  7. Ah ok well I have always found muslims very charming in turkey bit over friendly though .
  8. You ever been to turkey I was there till 4 days ago so I should know what time it was when it shouted out .
  9. well its very small so dont know cant see it hardly or i wouldn't have asked
  10. Depends what part of turkey your in I was in side.So you a convert to Islam then .
  11. Nowt wrong with Muslims lol but when I was in turkey recently I heard this wailing geeeeeez Ali didn`t tell me they were automated calls to prayer I thought it was a bloody ice cream man but at 11 pm at night thought it was a bit late for them to be out .Ali laughed is ass of at me so did memett.
  12. Your new to the forum with over 1000 posts ?????????
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