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  1. Hi - does anyone know anyone who could fit some wooden french windows in an existing outside wall opening, Nether Edge. Something like these: http://www.wickes.co.uk/bourne-oak-veneer-french-doors-4ft/invt/165861/ Thanks, Rob
  2. Hi - could anyone recommend a builder (etc - includes bathroom and kitchen) to complete a 2 storey rear extension to a terrace in Nether Edge? I have planning permission (ref.08/04942/FUL), but haven't got round to having the foundations calculated. Preferably a local firm with a track record of similar work. Many thanks, Rob
  3. Another vote for Steve - fitted and relocated a new combi. Quick, neat and tidy, top job. Rob
  4. Hi - I've got a couple of jobs need doing: Back yard - some paving blocks have sunk a few inches, and a section of concrete has cracked, about 1m2 in total. I'd like the blocks reset and the concrete redone. I don't think it's the drain - some sort of rodent tunnel, I suspect. A pic here: http://picasaweb.google.com/111795559075364781389/Garden# Front garden - not so much a garden, but the bit of tarmac between the house and the front wall, about 1m deep, 4m wide. This has been patched/mended several times and looks a mess now - if that could be relaid to match what's there. Any recommendations or interested parties please let me know! Thanks, Rob (Nether Edge)
  5. Excellent, yes, thanks, take your and Dan's point. I was hoping for less complexity, but better done right etc. Rob
  6. Ah right, I see, yes, agreed. However, if the machine can be sat on a plinth the top of the machine will be level with the street opening to the drain. Big 'if'!
  7. Cold fill - yes. Drain below - possibly. The washing machine would need to be raised about 3 feet I reckon. Have a look - thanks Steve - I'll contact you off-forum.
  8. Ah, no, didn't know that. Can the water simply not gravity feed into the drain like it does at the moment?
  9. Hi - does anyone know anyone who can do this? It's a bit fiddly because the washing machine drain needs to feed through a thick wall to an existing drain, and doubtless other bits and pieces I haven't thought about. Thanks, Rob (Nether Edge)
  10. Can anyone suggest a builder etc who can do the pointing on a stone fronted house in Nether Edge please? Thanks, Rob
  11. Oh no! London water tastes/smells of bleach, disgusting. I actually moved back for the beer :-)
  12. Everything works - it's just it doesn't lather or rinse as well. Had to throw shaving gel away for example.
  13. Having recently moved back to Sheff, from 'the south', the soft water and soap thing is intriguing. Apparently soap/detergents need to be calcium enriched to 'work'/rinse in soft water areas, but I can't see any products advertised, and I'm certainly not going to try them all. Thinking about boycotting all such things, that'll show 'em :-) Any experience of soaps/shampoos etc that work especially well? Thanks!
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