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  1. does anyone know steve peters or his daughter laura. Last known Sandstone rd Wincobank? They are family that I have lost touch with. I have tried all the usual means, but living so far away now makes things difficult. Thanks for looking at least
  2. the blue anchor i think still brews its own beer. It is one of the better and busier pubs in the town
  3. Hi Yorkie Derran. I live in Godolphin Nr Helston been here over 30yrs. Have a barber shop in Porthleven.went to norfolk school with lots of lads from the manor. Glad you and family doing well.
  4. thanks for the offer but i found a stockist in helston. chips never tasted so good
  5. thats a shame perhaps we should organise ameeting of all of us down here and start a club or something
  6. I am looking forward to flora day.I have a barber shop near Helston the visitors are always welcome especially if they need a haircut
  7. I remember going to the palace on saturday mornings . something about p.g. tips stamps from the tea packets. Seeing rocket man don't remember the sherrifs badge though. All this must have been early 60s veryearly60s
  8. I went to norfolk school had lots of pals on the manor. I moved here 30 years ago. Never moved since. Still known as that northern bloke ha! I love the place and people st columb major is a big change to the manor and wybourn
  9. the hendersons will be welcome also some cunninghams pickles I woul gladly pre pay
  10. I play golf at Praa sands and live 2 miles from there. dont know the chippy is it at rosudgeon the next village up? I will be sure to pay them a visit
  11. I live very near Helston, have done for quite some time. The place is dying on its feet. Thank God for Culdrose and the people who work there. Without them Helston would only see the odd tourists passing through
  12. which morrisons no sign of it in penzance
  13. good to hear from you, there are a few true blues here. Strange name you have for a red.
  14. Hi again since we last talked i found hendersons in a shop in helston. wonders will never cease thanks for the offer though
  15. Thanks for the match update. I have been down here many years. your right it is beautifull. you must let me know when you next come down I havnt had Hendersons for years
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