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  1. Left about 3 sheets of Kingspan on my Drive with a small amount of scrap metal on the top. Went to collect my Van at the end of the road and yes you guessed it, all the lot has gone. My mate called me yesterday to say that some Kingspan was floating down the river behind Middlewood, but due to the rain it has washed away. Has anyone seen any Kingspan anywhere or have a few sheets they want to get rid of ?, not bothered about the scrap as it is coded.
  2. VOSA :Usually waiting in the lay-by on Penistone Road behind the Speed Camera just before the Wickes turn off heading towards town. Police on foot : Point you into the lay-by once you are selected by them. VOSA Portable testing station + 5 Operatives Scan tax disc, fit sensor on vehicle exhaust, request engine revving, request bonnet up and check fuel colour to diesel pump. Dip tank and check tyres. Give you a leaflet to say why you was stopped and a readout of what they checked and the results.
  3. Eutelsat W3A (7.0°E) Fréquence: 12545 - Pol: H - SR: 5632 - FEC: 3/4 Catégorie: Sport - Football Transmis en: MPEG-2 4:2:2 Infos: Exeter-Sheffield Utd
  4. First job then, Can you research where the Directors are now :-)
  5. Cheers for that, better start chasing the Filmakers up to see if they got the money. Once I get it back I might start my own local film crew site. Anyone interested :-)
  6. Anyone know if Sponduly has gone bust, the web site has been down for months, I have called the number and a young lad answered sounding puzzled. I contributed into a project and they have never come back to me to say they have received any contributions, but the money has come out of my account. Anyone else who has contributed to local projects may not have received your money. Any Idea of anyone who worked there or knows where there offices should be ? Any info would be greatly received. Please PM me. Cheers.
  7. Has anyone had any dealing with W H Brown Estate Agents, or any stories good or bad about them. Maybe doing a slot on a TV show about estate agents :-)
  8. Oh thats a shame, will you let me know if you set up another session in the future ?
  9. LOL, no just fancied doing a session, as I dont fancy travelling to the otherside of town after work etc. Long story !! would you care to expand. ? is it an undercover operation (only joking) lol.
  10. Yes I've seen that place don't think it's him he's got a BMW I think, I have also seen the VW van parked on Effingham Street in the morning next to the Wicker Camp place.
  11. Is there a Thai Boxing gym in Stannington because every Tuesday about 8:30pm I see this man usually looking knackered with a few others wearing Wickercamp Thai Boxing shorts and a Green VW van full of pads, gloves and mats. Not had chance to stop him and ask, so I was wondering if anyone knows anything !!
  12. Some boy racer has tried overtaking the traffic and is now stuck in the big puddle :-)
  13. http://www.sy-transport.co.uk/traffic/sheffield_jam_cams.htm Have a look at Camera 15
  14. Penistone Road flooded both ways at the usual Hillsborough Park Penistone Road bit.
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