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  1. I was going to buy one of the shared ownership ones, but the information coming from places for people was absolutely rubbish. It took me weeks to extract the price of the 4 beds from them, I put in an application form supplied by them, they decided it was the wrong form, I did the correct one when they sent it to me, it took ages to process and no one got back to me. But this week Reeds Rains at Banner Cross rang me, they had taken over the marketing of the shared ownership properties from Places for People, but by that time we had put a deposit on another house and got a mortgage for it.
  2. I think I used to put it on for 4 min when I used it last time. Thanks everyone!
  3. Babyworld had the answer: 5 minutes, but depends on microwave rating. http://shop.babyworld.co.uk/DisplayDetail.aspx?prodid=46
  4. Googled it before I posted here, no luck apart from a Canadian who had an 1850 Watt Microwave ???
  5. Just dusted this off and I cant remember how to use it. I know how to put everything in, and I know you need 7oz water in the bottom, but I dont know how long in microwave. Cant decide if its 4 minutes or 5 minutes or even 2!!! Can anyone help please?
  6. I noticed some of the houses on Breeze were to be let to council tenants. They are on this weeks properties for Sheffield Homes. They are to be rented out by Places for People. I have had brushes with Places for People tenants before on another estate and this has put me off. Many were decent folk but there were some people you just wouldnt want to live nearby and these were by no means a minority. Fine if youre just renting, but if you are sinking your life savings and hard earned cash into buying a house, think this over. Find out who will be your neighbours.
  7. There has been considerable demolition and rebuilding lately, so I was seeking an up to date opinion.
  8. Sorry dont know those houses/flats. What sort of house was it originally? Living rooms in traditional 1930s properties tend to be around 12 foot square, but if this is of a non conventional design, who knows! Is it just a room in a shared house or a proper conversion into self contained flats?
  9. Thank you everyone!! Shops dont bother me, I get in the car and go to the supermarket. I will see if I can keep my old doctor for a while, as lets be honest they dont do home visits anyway these days.
  10. Depends on the house is the answer. Where are they?
  11. I have been looking at these too. Wondered if there were any problems from the surrounding areas? Its St Aidens Close I think.
  12. My mum says "clemmed" and it meant to be starved or hungry.
  13. Yes. We have decided its not big enough though. Other bedrooms and dining area are really small for a family, though ok for a couple and maybe one child.
  14. Ive been looking around here today at one of the Camdens. Has there been any more trouble recently? What is the situation with local kids? Is it one of those things that you see them trespassing in the better weather but not in winter? Any more break ins? Did the neighbourhood watch get established? Also on the sales front, the plot I was looking at had the carpets included. Apparently the plot price has been reduced too. Is there anything else I can negotiate from Caroline do you think?? She told me about the deposit match but apparently you have to pay it back after 10 years.
  15. So Karndean and Amtico are expensive vinyls are they? Do they have to be joined for larger areas? I suppose if I really wanted carpet I could have a join somewhere where it wouldnt be noticed.
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