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  1. thanks a lot, that's all I was looking for... with many choice too !
  2. Hello everybody !!! I'm back in france now after my year in Sheffield Hallam uni. The graduation ceremony takes place the 26th of november in pounds forge. My parents would appreciate to come and see me and discover the town were i lived, but as the travel is a bit expensive for them, i need to find a cheap place for them to stay. Could you help me ? Someone find me the travel inn hotel in the city center but this is about £150 for 3 nights. In france we can find host families with high quality and breakfast for £28 per night. Is it possible to find the same thing in sheffield BB or whatever ? They have a car and they don't need to stay in the middle of the city center, anything a bit outside the city center will be enough. Thanks everybody !!!
  3. I went with a friend to Castleton on saturday at the end of April and is was a sunny day. I was amazed how relaxing is was to go up the "mountains", walk among the sheeps and just listen... you can here a pretty good silence, no cars, no wind and even the sheeps were silent for a moment ! I'm planning to go there again and do the underground boat trip It's only one hour by bus and if you are on the second deck, you have a pretty good view of all the peak...really amazing how the scenery is different from the border of sheffield to castleton.
  4. cheers mate, but I don't buy on Internet anymore, I had so many troubles... (payment, return the product to the website and get money back etc ) it's always long and costly... So if you can advice me a cheap street shop retailer... Cheers
  5. Hello everybody, I'm a french student in sheffield, and I would like to buy a new hard drive. I would like to know if there is a website where I can check the price of the sheffield store ? (I repeat, i'm a student, so i don't have a lot of money ). I've tried to find something in google, but I didn't find any price checker. I would like to ask you at least if you can give me the exact name for a computer retailer as in the yellow pages it's a bit confusing for me (most of the company can provide advice etc, but I only want a simple computer parts retailer). Thanks everybody
  6. Hello everybody ! I have started digital photography with an Olympus C-2 and really enjoyed it (as you can make a lot of try...) but was a bit frustrated as it had no zoom, no aperture priority etc... I have now a Canon A70 and it suits me well. I can do nearlly whatever I want. If you want to make progress in digital photos, I advice you to read a lot on "classic" photography on internet (Megapixel.net is really good with its articles) or go to a proper photographic course in Sheffield. As said before you will be able to apply to your digital camera what you have learned from a classic one. Last thing, try your camera and post your photos on a dedicated internet forum, people will help you improve their quality. Good luck ! Kamadji
  7. Hi emma.... as we adviced me, i made a search on the forum and find your message so i'm a new user of your group now....and have posted one message ! yeeehhha Maybe we can meet all together in september ? we have a garden ready for welcome drinks. see ya Olivier
  8. Hello, we finally found a shared-house in Manor Oaks Drive (Park Hill) not far from university (15 min walk). It's seems to be quiet in this area... can you tell me more about this area and where is the closest big supermarket (like Waitrose, sainsburry...) thanks a lot. Kamadji
  9. thanks a lot, i dind't think about this problem
  10. Hi everybody, it is really the jungle to find a good shared house !!! we are 3 french guys who will go to SHU in september and we are looking for a shared house with minimum 4 and maximum 5/6 bedrooms. BUT the problem is that i don't know what to prefer : a £35/week/bedroom house with no bills included, or a £40/45 with all included.... the problem is that i have no idea about the bills that i can have in a 5 bedrooms house for water/electricty/gas.... furthermore, this depend on the central heating if it's electric or gas.... when all bills are included it's better because you don't have to think about it, but £40 instead of £35 it's £1000 more for a year... so do you think that all of our bills will be less than £1000 for a year ? and please, could you give me some example of your bills if you are/were in a shared house.... thanks a lot !!! Olivier
  11. thanks Chloe for the web site... ;-) yes, i have send an email to the uni but i don't know if there are a lot of people at the uni during the summer...they must all be on the beach ;-) and 2 last questions in case you know : we want to come to sheffield at the end of july just for a weekend and a night to find a house, do you know where we can sleep which is really cheap ? if a house sounds good to us, do we have to pay the august and september month to be sure to get it in september or can we just give some deposit to the owner so that we could "reserve2 i t until september ? thanks a lot, this forum is great ;-) we are looking forward to go to sheffield now !
  12. Hi everybody, we are 2/3 french students who will come to SHU in september and are actually looking on the SHU website to find a shared house. The problem is that we don't know the areas/streets so that we can't know if it's far from the university ! the only things that we are sure is that the area "city" is not far from the SHU of course there is a map of all the area on the SHU accomodation website but we can hardly see nothing on it ! if you know a website with a good map... tell us please ! thanks a lot Olivier
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