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  1. There is open land behind the industrial estate near McDonald's at Tankersley. We use to walk our dog there along with other people we saw on our travels. Dogs off lead running around. We went one day and found notices to day "dogs not on leads will be shot". I was wondering if land owners had changed hands or if there was a problem. Anyone any info?
  2. Could have been the shop on Loundside that had the machete wielding robbers.
  3. Ha the latter I love. Cosmos, smoked etc are all fully booked for the date I needed. I do think we've found somewhere now so thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Hi Has anyone any suggestions where to go for a staff Christmas meal. Would probably be a Friday night. Looking for meal for about 10 people and then just chilling afterwards for a few hours. I've looked into Owlerton dog track but at £40 a head it's a bit steep. Thanks in advance.
  5. I recently moved into the Stocks bridge area. I have been taking my dog for walks around Underbank reservoir with no problems. (I've only been here for 2 weeks). I went for the usual stroll today only to be confronted by an elderly lady saying that my dog had scared away the ducks she was feeding and that one of the ducks were injured and pointing the finger at my dog saying she hopes it's not him. My dog is controlled, he is whistle trained and has very good recall. Now I know he likes a dip in the water, as far as I can see it doesn't say no swimming for animals here, I will have to check with authorities as I could be in the wrong for letting him off the lead. She told me to leash my dog now, told me if she saw me and my dog around here she would report me to the RSPCA and the fact this lady said she works for the police and can find out where I live. I was totally gobsmacked this elderly lady was so aggressive verbally. "We don't the likes of you around here" was a response to me apologising for my dog scaring away the ducks. I'm very reluctant to go back there, I thought it was the perfect place to walk as its beautiful there. Has anyone else had any problems while walking dogs there?
  6. I know they had problems with filters. You could always nip up to the Jet petrol station for a lovely, friendly customer service
  7. Jet station on penistone rd near wortley turn off is open 24/7
  8. Anyone work for Wincanton M&S Sheffield on their help desk? Just wondering what they are like to work for.
  9. Did he have 2 other brothers? One called Darren? If so I was in Darrens class in Chaucer.
  10. Hi Does anyone know a mobile car battery fitter that will come out to the work place on a Sunday?
  11. I knew there was something missing when that dude sold me this car. Bloody rip off
  12. Anyone ventured out into Chapeltown or Meadowhall to take pictures? I live in High Green so im on a hill and happy
  13. Do you really think those lanes are mapped out correctly? I can see how to negotiate around that roundabout but in my opinion it could do with being a little more clearer and wider lanes.
  14. I wouldnt object that roundabout is a disaster waiting to happen.
  15. Flooded quite a bit around Meadowhall I believe. http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/34678.aspx?page=1&type=Town&term=sheffield
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