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  1. Who got ****** on SHIZZLE well done the blades ,try counting the fowles from the owles roll on next game another three points fro the blades DTM
  2. Carbrook lad i had two younger Bro Walter he became a police inspecter in Lincoln and Norris was Landlord At the Ship Hotel Saxilby, i cant place you yet you are a bit younger than me im coming up 74 the brain goes a bit at this time sorry coming up 75
  3. Trevordnc How long did you live at the Lampool Pub at the end of Janson st i lived in Ravensworth Rd, i left Coleridge Rd School in 1951 iUsed to use the side door with a couple of mates and have a couple of halves and we pretended to be half P____d it was great fun standing under the old gas lamp swaying about then into the Herbal shop round the corner for a vimto ext with a fag on, and that was after we had deliverd the Star cheers DTM
  4. White witch did you live in carbrook what year did you pinch it i lost mine in1945 and my old man gave me a good hiding for losing it as he used it to go to steel works on it, it saved im stagering home after some good old ale, he allways brought me a friseld old sarni home out of his lunch box DTM off Broughton lane UP THE BLADES.
  5. Hi lived down the cliff as you called it i remember zion lane from the 50ts iwent to Carbrook then Coleridge RD we had to go and see nit nurse and the dentist we had to sit over table while mum combed nits out on to the Sheffield Star and then cracked them between finger nails. As you say great days ink monitor milk monitor lovely when it was frozen got extra the ******* dident like it be cause it had ice ontop, wrong side of 74 but still happy times CHEERS DTM
  6. sorry genuine mistake not used to using the threads hope to learn by mistakes i was at Coleridge Sec Mod twenty years before you went to Highgreen so again sorry DTM
  7. Hi fellow users need help please how do i insert emoticons in my threads cheers dtm
  8. Who is this crunchy nut i was a blades supporter in 1943 when a true supporter was a supporter we had players in them days i dont have to name them. White shimwell sir hagen nightingale alec forbes who was our milk man and played with us in ravensworth rd. My uncle would not eat his sunday breakfast if the owls lost cos it was red and white bacon and egg. I am now 74 and still support the blades we are going up where we belong the owles is that how you say it twit ta woo are lucky if they dont go down . Did you say 15000 or 1500 supporters buying season tickets bye for now drk
  9. HI ALL I keep reading threads, and people go on about photos, of Attercliffe Carbrook Schools ext how or where do i find them DTM
  10. HI CLIFFY My Grandad used it all the time from 30s to 60s he was on the committee and a top notch snooker player he only stood 5ft nothing, as kids they used to take us out to seaside each year on the old shara bang as we called it they gave us a few goodies to eat on bus and a few pennies to spend, we was all labour but we still went on the outing,CHEERS DTM,
  11. Did they call the St that went of Broughton Lane between Enfield arms and Railway pub Serbiton st yoused to go down there to Pheasant in ground at the bottom was Aires scrap yard they kept the horses there we used to beg bran of the drivers to feed our rabbitts across from there was a dealer i think they called him Belsh he had two sons Allfi and Eric, and a daughter Her name was Nellie, on a night time the mother used to make milk bread poms she used the thick condensed milk and gave us all a mug full we spent as much time on the pheasant ground as in Tinsley woods the Fair and circus came there every year We played footy on the cinders the pubs played Sunday morn ing then into pub sunday dinner for there Stones, tennents and often a fight then out at closing and play Pitch and Toss. to many mems Brilliant Carbrook DTM
  12. The chicken factory you talk about was in a village down the rd it was called Kettlthorpe there was nine sites alltogether there was allso a mill that made all the meal and chicken pellets i was the mill manager for several years and lived on the site for a while then moved into Saxilby.Iallso used to go to the south forty foot fishing i had a cottage on the bank of the Fossdyke and could fish out the bedroom window DTM
  13. Mickr thanks for info i went to school coleridge rd both the Calvert bros went there i left late forties and moved to Saxilby near Lincoln, The Calverts used to come out our area with there friends fishing and drink in my local the Sun Inn in Saxilby. Ronny Billys bros semi retired to a place out side Skegness. REX was a retired Boxer and he could hit believe me. Back to the school Coleridge Rd we used to have to walk past a Sulphur factory just down the rd from school and all the glass windows had it on you could hardly see through them, just a few more mems DTM
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