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  1. Thank you for your help. I notice they are closed today, so will call them in the morning.
  2. I got them from the RSPCA. My landlord won't budge I 'm afraid. He has had a lot of work done on the house before I moved in.
  3. Sale Amount: £30 Reason for Rehome / Sale: Divorce, new homes will not accept pets Time Scale – How Urgent? : Very urgent Has the Cat ever been in Rescue: bought as kittens from rescue Location: S11 Age & Sex: 3years on 9th July. Both female. Vaccinated & Wormed : wormed vacs due soon Neutered & Micro chipped: yes and yes for both Breed/ Mix: short haired domestic Colour/markings: 1st is all black fluffy. 2nd is grey with white feet and crest. Long/Shorthaired: Short Live in / Or in and out : In and outside Used to a cat flap: Yes Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals: No, just each other Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues: No Temperament: both very placid OK with Dogs / Cats : Not keen on dogs Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching: Yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching: Yes Good or Bad with Children : Excellent Dislike of Men or Women : No Housetrained: Yes Any further General Information you can share. Two female cats, 3 years old this month are desperately needing to be rehomed. This is no fault of their own. Myself and my husband are getting divorced. I have already moved into rented accommodation, which does not allow pets. My husband is moving very very soon, so we need to find somewhere for the girls. I have asked my landlord if I can have them here but he says no, due to previous tenants not looking after the property when they allowed dogs. Can send pictures via Whatsapp or email.
  4. No not Rich. But someone who has had 3 usernames that I can think of. I'm not much of a poster but this is obvious and the other accounts have all been closed, by the user I presume. Look out for the Hiking Boots and Hiking Socks or digital cameras threads coming up soon no doubt.
  5. http://www.jparkers.co.uk/plant-0005625--1/dwarf-buddleia-blue-chip/ Hopefully the link will work. I've ordered from here a few times usually takes about 10 days for delivery.
  6. She has been collected by the warden, who said she is pregnant. He's going to have a look around for the other one too. Hopefully she's chipped and can be returned home.
  7. I have found a small cream dog running around Greystones Road -S11 She had a friend with her who is tiny but this one ran away up Greystones Road. They both were nearly run over a few times She is in my kitchen at the moment and I have called the dog warden/council who are sending someone out to collect. No collars on either dog. I've put a notice up at the front of my house so hopefully the owner may see this.
  8. I had a lot of help from people on here and between us we managed to get them two lovely new homes. They were both snuggled up warm for Christmas
  9. The lady from cats protection called me back yesterday to offer vouchers for both girls. So there are still some available at the moment Both cats were waiting for me to come home from work today. Isabella was sat on the doorstep and Ruby (kitten) was snuggled in her box. By the time I'd got in the house turned the alarm off and brought in a bag of shopping Isabella was in my kitchen eating 'Go-Cat' She's not backwards at coming forward
  10. thank you RSPCA Sheffield 2 neutering vouchers provided so should get them very soon.
  11. They are on the waiting list for CP. I rang the RSPCA shelter after I rang CP to ask if they had any space to take them in. If I get the cat spayed where am I to put her while she recovers? Back outside? If that is advised then I will do so. I will call CP back tomorrow and ask what the situation is regarding the waiting list and ask for a voucher to get them done.
  12. Thank you for trying to help them. Fingers crossed
  13. I think it would be advisable if you had a spare room where you could keep them apart from your own cat. Just to make sure they don't fight
  14. Mummy cat was fine with ours. It was one of ours that was being horrid. The kitten hasn't been inside at all. But no not found a foster home yet.
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