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  1. I've done it before for £20 per thousand. Happy to help
  2. I leave it till it trys to set up again, i don't switch it off.but just keeps returning to the config update again, i'll try what you suggest. thanks
  3. tried last known good, didn't work,just went back to config updates. stage 3 of 3 - 0% complete. doing the safe mode didn't work either theres no option to do a system restore:huh:
  4. it just seems to be stuck on configuring up dates stages 3 of 3 0% done all the time. doesn't seem to move on.how do you disable update? thanks for your help
  5. it says safe mode safe mode with networking safe mode with command prompt directory services restore mode disable automatic restart on system failure debugging mode last known good configuration enable boot logging. which one is it please.
  6. My Acer laptop can't move on from the screen `windows updates` it says installing updates and what stage it's at,then when it's done it reboots as normal ,then goes back to the updating process again.it seems as if it is stuck. any ideas any one?? thanks
  7. Hi Guys is anyone free tomorow Friday 22nd or a.s.a.p, to come and look at my faulty bolier, i have no heating and hot water, be very grateful for free call out and quote. thanks
  8. to EASTBANK MINNIBUS Hi I don't suppose you are free on saturday 22nd and return on 23rd .to and from blackpool? if so how much do you charge.just been let down.or if you can't do you know anyone else .thanx:help:
  9. yes that number took me to a website,the router does`nt have a access control.and the net work isnt protected. still not sorted:help:
  10. the make is a d-link, and yes the default is our conection
  11. the internet explorer says..."iternet explorer cannot display the webpage" the firewall software is a windows firewall. and the wireless connection is connect to default which i pressume is ours.
  12. np probs, thanks for your help anyway.
  13. yes card is enabled and the icon is saying it's connected .the wireless connection status says it's conected, and excellent signal strength. the problem maybe is with the firewall as i have stated below, but all is running in the firewall, so i;m not sure how to fix it.
  14. i've checked the restore calender, the earliest date higlighted is the 1st jan,which is no good.maybe because it's a new year??..
  15. I've just tried what you said..this is what came up in a box ..Network Diagnostics for WindowsXP WINDOWS CANNOT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET USING HTTP,HTTPS,OR FTP.THIS IS PROBABLY CAUSED BY FIREWALL SETTINGS ON THIS COMPUTER.CHECK THE FIREWALL FOR THE HTTP PORT 80, HTTP PORT 443 AND FTP PORT 21. the firewall has been check and on and running..
  16. system restore wasn't done before the virus or after, on this netbook their isn't a disk drive so unable to copy anything.
  17. my acer netbook had a virus over xmas, the virus was removed but unfortunatly the internet was lost too..tried virtually everything,all other pcs and laptops inthe home working fine, any ideas welcome.:help::help:
  18. it drips like a tap, and the pressure is on about 1 bar,the system was backed up and was fully turned off:help:
  19. Hi can any one help? I have a combination boiler, it is dripping water from the bottom, we can get heat and hotwater but the pressure is really low, also when we run the bath the heating turns off.we have tried bleeding the rads, works for a bit then does it again:help:
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