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  1. Did you manage to find Harry Storey? His sister Janet was at my sisters funeral last year Did you manage to find Harry Storey? His sister Janet was at my sisters funeral last year
  2. What a great topic,and I can hardly believe the connections, even though I'm soooooooo much younger than most of the guys mentioned.(I'll be 63 this year), and I've been in Canada for 25 years....Still playing. Sam Clarke was a legend when I lived at Walkley, his girlfriend lived in our yard. I worked with Dave redfern and we played on the same team for a while. I made contact with him a couple of years ago, he lives at Mosbro. I played for the Angel (Grenoside) with Billy McCall. Sunday Premier league games against Arbourthorne EA (Jack Fowler) I played for Jack later at Dial House. Often wonder if he's still around. Mick Dumpleton played for Tavern with Billy Buckley, Johnny Parrot etc. Someone mentioned John Beresford back there too, that would be John Snr. he played for Chesterfield & Notts. County. His son John Jr. Played at Newcastle. Great memories.
  3. Hey-up Nettie, There's a whole continent over here that, I think I can safely say, have never seen or heard anything like this. Get your tickets booked fot'booat, I'll do't'promotions. Berrer do it quick tho, now it's gooin viral on youtube. Wish I could've witnessed it in't'flesh:D.
  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You obviously spend way too much time looking in the mirror:hihi: As for Fagin........vanity,vanity all is vanity:rolleyes:
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to FAGIN :partyhat::clap:Today & TFishcake tomorrow :partyhat::clap: You are both Sooooooooooo............ much older than me now
  6. Me and "Our Tets" are the same age for another 9 days, so you are sooooo much older than I am:hihi:
  7. Hey-up Terry I think this is just slightly before our time. The girl on the left of the two in the foreground looks very much like Pat Russell (Mick Newton's girlfriend) What do you think?? But if it is you "nice slipper bag":hihi:
  8. That's me up in'top right corner, I wer mad cos they wunt let me play:rant:
  9. I agree. Can you put your names to these? Pigeon; dogsneck; talktalk; hehe Dave Jessop
  10. Hey Derick, Back row: John Owen;Doug McCormack;Steve(Sheema)Hallam;Lawrence Briggs;Robert(Lou)Hinchcliffe: Front row:Jeff(Fess) Parker;Ian Henson;Me;John Gray (Charlie Gray's younger brother);Paul(Mazda)Mason;Roger(Spot)Williams
  11. Hi Stewart, yes I remember you. I can remember my first game on Acres Hill School we lost 11-1 and I got the goal. Then we played Harborough, we only had 7 men and we lost 27-0. literally up to the knees in mud. The guy with glasses is SPOT (Roger Williams). I have a photo from around that time when we played in Manchester. I will try to post it if I can, if not, give me your e-mail & I'll send it. http://i644.photobucket.com/albums/uu170/SPLITLIP1/Grimey%20Footie%201964/GrimesthorpeBoysClub1964.jpg Hope to hear more from you soon. Dave
  12. Hey-up, Dave Jessop here. Who are you? I played for Grimey from about '63 to '68 (Still playing footie) and was well involved in the Boys club. I came home & visited Trevor just before he passed away and went to see Keith & his family. Such great memories. Can you remember these characters?? Lucy: Scope: Plum: Dinah Can you remember in the old building (what seemed like the only record that the club possessed) there was a record player (Dansette) I think, no plug on the wire, we used a lolly stick to push in the earth, then pushed in the other two wires to make it work. The song was?????
  13. Soz abaht that Jeanette, but who'da thought Walt would've gorrit:confused:Maybe he'll say I'll just ave' half or summat like that, and you can purrit on my tab:love: Better still do the old Alzheimers trick & tell him you don't remember owt abaht it:hihi:
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