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  1. For the first time in a few years I bought a Sunday newspaper this morning. The Sunday Times no less. I needed a non tabloid paper for masking a room whilst decorating. However after getting over the £3 charge I thought I’d read it before using it for masking. United…..22 words in the Championship Round-Up. It mentions the Stoke scorer but no mention of United’s scorers! Wednesday…..diddly squat in the League One Round Up
  2. 100 years later they were still dazzled. In particular John Hope. He went up for a straightforward high ball and it went straight through his hands. It was an awful evening, one I try and forget. I can ‘t remember the score or the opposition. No doubt some kind soul will resurrect the misery….
  3. Nottingham only have Nottingham Forest in the top leagues at the moment. Would love to see Notts County regain league status ASAP.
  4. The point about geographical location attracting footballers reminded me that when Sunderland were a premiership club that they seriously considered having a training ground in London.
  5. Do we really want to be saved by an investment of over £300 million to enable us to compete at the very top, as per Newcastle? Having said that, Leicester City through superb management, both on and off the field, have proven that it can be done . They still spend a few quid though. I’d be more than happy if both Sheffield clubs could at least be together in the Championship and we can have a couple of derbies each season. That would at least get us back to the banter, the hurt of losing, or the sheer joy of beating the enemy. At least we are one of, I think, six cities that have two football league clubs. Good post Crookesey
  6. We had pomfret in a curry in India a couple of years ago. It was excellent and well worth trying if you can get the fish.
  7. Must admit I remember Sutherlands Spreads from Alistair Sutherland winning the 1986 British Rally Championship in his 3litre Metro 6R4. What a car! After Sutherlands Spreads, he set up Granny Mary’s. As per the name of the OP.
  8. That’s just the feedback I was hoping for...thanks. Looks like you got a bargain at £60. Dry soil....wonder when we’ll get that.
  9. We are looking to make good the overgrown perimeter of our village hall car park. I know that it’s not the best time of year for weed killer or in fact doing anything in the current very wet conditions. I could do with some feedback from anyone that has used a rotavator. Did you hire, was it easy to use and basically, did it do the job? Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Many thanks.
  10. I came across this product whilst wandering round a market in Spain. Basically, I’m trying to rid myself of all plastic containers in the bathroom (our village is trying to be plastic free). That means shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shaving foam and squirty soap. I did a Google search to see if was as good as the market guy said, ie it will replace all the above. It does! Absolutely amazing stuff. Now this isn’t freely available in the U.K. and goodness knows how the market guy sourced it, as it comes from a very much war stricken part of Syria. Its well worth reading how it is produced, looking at YouTube and learning of its history. Anyhow, if anyone has used it, I hope that they got equally good results. And...where did you get it?
  11. This brought back memories and I’m talking 50 years ago. My dad worked at Broom Cross, which was on Tree Root Walk, as a radiographer and I would often walk there after school for a lift home. I’ve not been there for such a long time and no doubt the old buildings around there have been gobbled up by either Weston Park Hospital, where my dad moved to, or the Hallamshire Hospital. The XRay Centre was what would be classified as a centre of excellence these days. It was really pioneering stuff.
  12. I’m sorry to hear that. To serve on a Parish Council you have to live or work within the Parish. It is a real challenge trying to get new, young blood onto local committees. Helping with the Village Hall is one that comes to mind.
  13. I’ve been a Parish Councillor for a couple of years and, just like Smithy, do it for satisfaction in helping the village. It’s unpaid and like most jobs, you get out what you put in. There always seems to be a vacancy for a Parish Councillor on most Parish Councils. It’s not political and has very little power but we do our best to help the community. Play areas, football field, cemetery, and general village maintenance and management are the main responsibilities. If anyone has some spare time, pop along and have a chat with your local Parish Clerk. You will be made very welcome.
  14. Didn’t baseball originate in the U.K? Derby County played at the Baseball Ground but I’ve no idea of the history behind that. I’ve only seen one baseball match in the States....the Rays against the Jays. It was amazing and typical American razzmatazz. Not cheap but well worth it. And just like American Football and Ice Hockey, I’ve no idea of the rules.
  15. That’s really good news. Hope the venture is a success.
  16. And the Co-op on the corner with those overhead money containers that seemed to wizz around before, presumably, ending in a cash office. Remember the barbers...had my first haircut there and screamed like mad particularly as blood was shed! Was the off licence opposite the Co-op called Swanns?
  17. It would be the one across the road although I can remember the one down the hill from the school which I would pass when we lived on Graham Road.
  18. I used to get a bus, by myself, from Nether Green to Ranmoor church and walk up by the church and the halfway up Darwin Lane to get home. I can remember the fare being 1/2 penny and occasionally I’d spend it on two Black Jacks, at a farthing each, and walk home from Nether Green. Theres no way a six year old would be allowed to do that these days let alone know how to.
  19. Hi Mike Yes, I was there until I was six in 1959 before we moved house and I moved to Lydgate. Can remember the school dinners were served just down the road. Teachers...Mrs Jones, Mrs Spurr and Mrs Baker ( or may have been Miss for any one of them) Dark red/maroon blazer with NGS letters intertwined on breast pocket. Will need a memory jog to come up with any school pals.
  20. Only went once and that was to see Rick Wakeman. That must have been in 1975. Used to play his three albums constantly in the car cassette. And that’s a good cue to see if Alexa can find it...
  21. TBH it makes you wonder why this old fashioned system of advertising is still used. Gone are the days of prospective purchasers driving around looking for houses for sale via the boards. It only takes seconds to get all the information from Right Move and other web sites. Yes, bonfire night soon!
  22. This ruling varies from council to council. I believe that only one estate agent sign per property is allowed and it is the first sign to be erected that takes priority. The sign erector companies, not the estate agents, do get away with a lot. Take a photo of the problem signs and raise the matter with your local council. I would suggest Borough Council, and hopefully you will get an answer to this problem issue.
  23. Drove by there...rather detoured there....yesterday. Unbelievable but it is still in its same sorry state of dilapidation. I thought doer uppers were hard to get in the Peak District. I believe it has PP for residential use.
  24. Blimey.....that was a good few years ago. A guess...1972.
  25. Used to go there regularly until I moved from Sheffield over 40 years ago. It was his dad's shop originally and as age caught up with him he had a seat attached to the customers chair which he would sit on whilst he cut hair. Smoked a pipe at the same time I recall.
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