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  1. Hi leader road garage at Hillsboro used to be a sidecar manufacturer, the garage is still in operation doing repairs and MOTs .
  2. I joined the railway In 1981 as a TR boy at Woodhouse Jn, I had to get myself to Tinsley Yard Admin block for 0900 Monday morning, I managed to get on the wrong 24 bus in High Street, it terminated at the Pike and Heron Pub, I walked the rest of the way and was 30 minutes late, no one battered an eyelid. I was taken in a yellow van by the Inspector to Woodhouse Box, after a smoke on his pipe and a cup of tea, he left me with the Signalman, who then stated “I don’t know why you’ve come here, it’ll be closed in 18 months and the route taken over by Sheffield PSB,” ironically the box is still there 39 years later, and it outlived Sheffield PSB. Happy days
  3. I remember Rav from the 1979 era, I used to go and look through the windows at the scooters, he always had a couple for sale. There's a painting that Pete McKee did and that's based on Ravs shop. I took a vespa down for MOT in about 2000 he stripped the front brakes and fitted new shoes, he charged me next to nothing. He also told me that the bin men always fetched him old lambrettas in the mid 70s that had been left as rubbish and he used to give them a tenner for each one. Worth a lot more now.
  4. Did anyone else see the panda car chasing a white Mercedes coupe on Thursday evening about 8pm. I was driving from Brooke Hill roundabout towards The Star and Garter pub. The cars passed at high speed towards the round about then the Mercedes spun round damaging vehicles and returned up past me. It then turned down the side of the pub towards Netherthorpe. My ticker was going like a budgies. Very dangerous driving.
  5. Hi just watched some YouTube clips of this man. Really successful Sheffieder now living in LA in the USA. I've searched and can't find anything relating to his time in Sheffield does anyone know/remember him. If you're into cars watch his short films.
  6. Does hario still own the former Middlewood Tavern. This was going to reopen as a wine bar at one time. Lovely building sat idle.
  7. i was in the new beer Garden at Rawson Spring pub and was watching numerous fish attempting to jump up the weir, I know that salmon do this but surely these won't be salmon. Can anyone tell what types of fish these could be and also will they eventually make it up the weir ? The furthest I saw them get was about one third of the way up. Any info would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the updates elenac, I was also messenger lad at Masbro for a short time and new most of the signallers at Meadow Hall, Tinsley west and east, Iccles, Rotherham main and Rotherham road.
  9. Retired !! They were young men when I worked with them. Another couple of names of signalmen at the time were Tommy Guinett ( not sure of the spelling, sorry ) he came from The Wath area when those boxes closed , Alan Hadfield who went on to work at Sheffield PSB and the other two district inspectors were Alan Bradley or possibly Bradbury and Pete Piggy Milner, what a character he was.
  10. Hi Stewpot, I was a TR lad at Woodhouse Jn in 1981-82 a little later than your enquiry. The head quarters for Sheffield Area was Tinsley Marshalling Yard and I had to get there on my first day for 09:00. I caught the 24 bus from High Street to Brinsworth, but unfortunately got on one that terminated at Tinsley Highgate ( Pike and Herron) I had to walk the rest of the way and arrived at 09:40 !! No one battered an eyelid. Eventually I was taken over to Woodhouse in a van by a District Signalling Inspector called Ken Darnell. Mr Darnell was a really nice bloke and on arrival at the box after introductions he sat and drank a cup of tea and had a puff on his pipe. Once Mr Darnell had left the first thing the Signalman said was " this box will be shut in 18 months" I thought great, redundant before I've even started. The signallers at the time were Alf Antcliff (another nice man the lived in Beighton) I think. Alf retired whilst I was working at the box. Other names that spring to mind were mainly relief signalman, Ralph Smith , best bloke ever, John Marsh (swampy)' Mick Ryalls, Nick Daley, Edwin Nether, Trevor Tuxford and Nogel Bottom. I have happy memories of this place and could write a book, and pleased to see that the box is still operational, for how much longer I don't know. I still work on the railways and enjoy my job and am pleased that my oldest son has also recently started with us. I'm sorry the dates don't fit with your original request but some of the old timers may have been around in your day, Thanks Blue
  11. I was in there too last night, a really great place. This is a pub that I never thought would open again, just goes to show what vision and cash can do. I wish it every success. Also the staff are a credit, one barman followed me to my table with the drinks that I couldn't carry, simple, but great customer service. One more thing, all those lovely european lagers, at this rate I'll be a conniosseur
  12. Hi I heard rumours that there's a Northern Soul do on tonight at the Niagra in Wadsley Bridge. can anyone confirm ? Looked on their website but no info Any help would be appreciated Thanks Blue
  13. I was told last week that Hario was opening it up as a wine bar type establishment. Good luck to him, I hope it does well, there are plenty of people living in the catchment area. Mines a pint of Blue Nun please barman
  14. I suppose I set myself up for that lot. Gunna keep my thoughts to miself in future
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