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  1. Hi Sara, we ended up making one, but it wasn't the best so has since been dismantled and thrown away. Good luck with yours though! What kind of dog is she? If she's from a rescue they should be able to help :-)
  2. Thanks everyone for all your advice! I ended up getting a used Nikon D3000 and pretty happy with it so far! Have a lot to learn but glad we got a second hand one to start us off as you get more for your money. We've only started using it today as it was a birthday present, but so far really happy with it :-)
  3. Looking for a bit of advice please! I'm looking for a camera for my partner as a basic start up camera for a complete beginner. It'll be mainly used for taking photos of rescue dogs (as well as our own!) And landscapes on our dog walks... Looking for either advice on what to look for, or recommendations for actual cameras. Probably looking around the £200 mark if possible. I have no idea where to start! Thanks in advance ?
  4. Looking for a responsible, reliable dog walker to walk two of my dogs a couple of times a week. I am in Walkley, S6. Tried a few places but had no joy so far - either they are fully booked or don't cover the area ?
  5. Urgently need a whelping box for a cocker spaniel. She was taken in to rescue 2 days ago, not knowing she was pregnant until she arrived. She went into labor this evening so has been rushed home to me. And has so far given birth to 2 puppies.So I urgently need a whelping box if anyone has one for sale or knows of anywhere I can but one locally?
  6. Hi I volunteer for HYPS who are desperate for bedding - I can collect if it's still available?
  7. Do you have any photos that you can put up so people know what he looks like?
  8. Try South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue: http://www.syessr.co.uk/
  9. Thanks everyone for all the recommendations! Unfortunately I have quite a lot of portraits to do at the moment, so I cant take anymore on just yet, but there are lots of other great artists out there - google pet portraits uk and you'll get a huge list! Get in there quick though as a lot are fully booked up till Christmas.
  10. I am running a raffle for a pet portrait, with all monies going to Helping Yorkshire Poundies, a local dog rescue who help to save the lives of so many pound dogs across Yorkshire, including Sheffield. It's just £3 per ticket to be in with a chance of winning one of these fabulous portraits. Please support this fabulous rescue! Even if you don't buy a ticket, but are on Facebook, please like and share the page so we can reach as many people as possible! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Win-a-pet-portrait-charity-raffle/1479709965607680 Also visit Helping Yorkshire Poundies: http://www.helpingyorkshirepoundies.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Helping-Yorkshire-Poundies-HYPS/114772718705979?fref=ts
  11. I'm having the same trouble - I've used frontline for years but it's nit worked this time. I've ordered some advantage so fingers crossed it will work!
  12. Yep there are different brands and it needs to be the same type. Find out which brand of vaccs he has had, then ring round the vets in your area to find out which use the same ones, save you having to go all the way to ilkeston.
  13. The one with the missing tail definitely had bite marks on it (this was the first one that was found dead, I think it was over one of the bank holiday weekends). i didn't see the others so can't comment on whether they had bite marks or not. It's absolutely awful, it must be so worrying for cat owners. I do see quite a lot of cats in the park!
  14. There are two that I know of found dead in the park recently - the first was very muddy with bite wounds, I think it may have been dug up by a fox. The second which I didn't see but my friend did - beheaded with rope around his/her neck
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