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  1. swimming lessons places available Aston Lodge swim Academy,an asa registered swim school has places available. We are based in Aston, s26 the classes are taught by a former international swimmer in the water and another in water teacher.We only have small classes of 6-8 the cost is £8 per 30 mins.term time only please call 07581456277 for more information
  2. hi we are a private swim school,£4 per lesson, based in Aston all sessions taught by a former international swimmer
  3. hi I am ex international swimmer and have just set up a swim school in Aston,we would offer lessons to your son.
  4. Hi we have just started a school in Aston,adult classes in the afternoon thanks
  5. New swim School in ASTON taught by former international swimmer please pm for details max 8 per class
  6. swimming lessons available at a newly formed swim school max 8 pupils in water with two teachers all crb and cpd covered asa national plan followed
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