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  1. Good one, read it twice then got the joke, black/brown small area of white= Bradford, Bradford West Yorks.:
  2. One simple way to stop all this supermarket waste of perfectly eatable food would be for the goverment to implement an extortionate amount of money for them to be able to dump the food into landfill. Maybe that would give them a better incentive to distribute the food out free, rather than dump it.
  3. Much the same than that English banknotes are not legal tender in Scotland if you read this. http://www.scotbanks.org.uk/legal_position.php
  4. So whats new ?, the men at Beighton tip often ask where you live when tipping rubbish.
  5. Today's news : B.B.C. appoints its new chairman on a salary of £450,000 a year, But yet he is taking a pay drop from his predecessor who was on over £600,000 a year. Is it time the B.B.C used adverts to fund itself.
  6. Yes I believe they did get someone for it. Just had a word with the daughter and she says he is getting on well, but dosent know how long it will be before or if he will return to work. Just hope he keeps on the road to recovery.
  7. From what the daughter says, (she works for Veolia) he is progressing well.
  8. A broken earth strap between engine and body would also give you these same symptoms.
  9. Excellent, been on day trips and a holiday in the Isle of Wight with them. Good value for money, excellent drivers.
  10. Please enlighten me what the difference is. Or have you been on the orange juice again.
  11. If you cannot find anywhere in Sheffield, there's a shop inside Markham Grange nursery at Brodsworth Doncaster that sell shirts of xxxx size.
  12. If its the practise I think it is, its highly likely it was said.
  13. Well if you have removed all that rubbish from the filter trap its possible there is still a piece of rubbish trapped in the pump rotor, stopping it from rotating and emptying the water.
  14. This beggers belief, theres no wonder kids are leaving school not being able to read and write if this is the mentality of a school teacher.
  15. Hi, this story seems to ring a bell with a recent experience of my own, with out actually saying the name of the doctor can I ask if this doctor is located in a new building with council office/library and chemist included in the same building
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