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  1. Thanks for the link,just the job!. Feel right chuffed with all the advice I've been given.
  2. Thanks for the mention of insulin in particular. I'll get this covered as well as all other ailments. Thanks also for all other posters replies. Regards
  3. Many thanks for your reply Medusa. Will keep you posted when updated.thanks once again
  4. Has anyone what the custom regulations are, as the type I use have a water sachet attached.(have tried the customs check-list on line, but no guidance there?. Thanks. P.s. If allowed, I assume these would be in hand luggage and not in the hold to avoid the water in the sachet freezing.
  5. Thanks for your photo Hillsbro and other posters memories.I was lent a pass to the cinema in the early 1940's by a shareholder I happened to work with. I remember the lighting was by gas mantles on the Walls.
  6. I was born in 1928. My earliest recollection of Intake was in the mid 1930's, when I walked down Mansfield Road with my father right to the bottom. We had a pram with us.There was a colliery there on the left-hand side where the dip in the road is, and we got a bag of coal and pushed it right back to the Manor Estate. Also I played on the tip where the fire-station is many times. Visited the Rex quite a lot. Happy days!
  7. Thanks for your replies. They show it's unwise of me to attempt this myself, so I'm glad I asked and will follow your suggestions .Appreciate your help...Regards.
  8. I believe the battery is running down. How much for new battery,where to buy and cost and can I fit it myself, as I'm 85 years old and poor eye-sight. Appreciate any advice.
  9. Just like to say thank you to the motorists and pedestrians who came to help me 2 hours ago after my fall on the terribly icy pavement on Bents Road. I feel ok now so thanks once again. John.
  10. The letter I!ve got says £3.24 a month
  11. Hi Keith. Thanks for your replies. Actually I don't recall the prefabs close to the cottage (bit out of my time)..Regarding Harry, my memories of him are most vivid. We worked side by side for several years on the same shifts and had endless conversations about our early years and of course his playing in the band. I phoned Grace (his wife) just before he died, only to learn he was very I'll and unable to converse. R.I.P Your mention of Vin. Knight reminds of the factory strike. Do you remember this?.
  12. P.S. Working in the basement, with it's own entrances, I never really knew how many floors there were above me and which departments occupied them,so would be very interested to know this!.
  13. Hi Keith, I started in the Computer Room (which was in the H.Q basement in 1967-1979).My boss was Percy Wolstenhome,from Ledgers?, possibly you knew him.When I left in '79, there was talk of some staff being re-located to Croydon. No doubt we've got some memories to share. Bye, John Gilpin.
  14. Hi Angela. Afraid I don't remember the ladies you mention.It's possible they were there in the late 70's, at a time when I was off I'll, causing me to leave in 1979. The names that come to mind are Sylvia Green who sat at the side of Marjorie,Christine Frost,then computer room staff,Maurice Wright,Harry Ratherham, and from outside, Maureen Croft and Colin Foster. Just remembered I used to come on the same bus sometimes as Angela Bagshawe of Greystones Road area. Was that you?. Bye. John.
  15. Hi Angela. Thanks for your reply.My memories of activity outside of computer room have dimmed with time, but I do remember about mid 70's,my first job as assistant to Percy was to sit on a desk outside computer room and write 7 manuals on how to run every job. Percy was worried if I ever left, he'd be stuck! This took several weeks and day by I handed my ins ructions to Lynne Wiseman for typing. She used to sit near Percy's office which was near the bottom of stairs. I also remember going from punch cards to Key Edit. Marjorie and I attended a course in London,1973 for 2weeks to learn this.Can you remember any of this? Also who was Paulinees?. Also was you typing for Percy before or after Lynne?. Bye for now.John
  16. Johnpm.Hi,hope you well. Sorry that I have no recollection of your father-in-law, Les Moore. All the best, John.
  17. Hello Angela. Very nice to hear from you,especially as we can share the same memories.I actually worked there from1967, setting up the Computer room and left in 1979. By then I'd become assistant operations manager to Percy and John Wright ( 2 unforgettable characters) !. Do tell me the section that you worked in. Was it for Marjorie Hance? Regards
  18. I was born on Wulfric Road in 1928. Then attended Stand-House school 1932-1938 and then Prince-Edward 1938-1942. Then left the Manor in 1955 to get married. Is it possible that any former Manorites are still around. ? Regards to all. John Gilpin.
  19. Hi Innit. Mike Evans wife was called Sheila and also worked in DP( clerical).
  20. Hi Innit,apologies for the late reply.I've only just noticed it!. Your post was a breath from the past from an unexpected source!.when I left in the late 70's I suggested Mike Brown as my successor. Is this the same young fella you met in Canada?.Regarding Mike Evans, I knew him very well,he had a very varied career before leaving to work in the hotel trade. Regards. John.
  21. It was great to read all your memories.. I was born on Wulfric in 1928 and attended Prince Edwards in 1938-1942. My main memories are of Manor cinema with change of programmes twice a week and Rex cinema. Also going into Barnards cycle shop for spares. Also playing on the pit heap where Mansfield road fire station is now. I still go walk-a bouts there. Regards to everyone. Jogi.
  22. Hi Keith. My father worked in the foundry all through the war.His job was as a shanker.I.e. He poured the molten steel Into the moulds I remember him telling me casting tank tracks, so its quite likely that he knew your father. Regards , John.
  23. Hi KirkP. Thanks for your reply. You summed up Percy perfectly.I never once called him by his first name. Harry and I got on very well. I regret we lost touch finally.By the time I contacted him, he was too I'll to converse. Noted your info. about Maurice with interest.The last time I saw him was when he came to my house with a watch( a leaving present from D.P on my illness say 78/79.). All the best. John
  24. Hi KirkuP.Very pleased to read your post. I was there. 1967-78/79, so the names you mention are all familiar to me. Harry Ratherham died 2/3 years ago and Percy Wolstenhome last year. I constantly re-live the memories of my job there. Have you any knowledge of when the dept. closed down?. Regards. John.
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