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  1. Funny, a lot of people in Emmet, Idaho ask me if I'm Australian!
  2. If only racism would 'die out', and sexism too, I don't think it will not in my life span. If only!
  3. Thank you! That is not the reason I started the thread at all.:o
  4. Very true! I lived in the South of England for many years, my accent sounds very mixed up by now, at first people kept taking the ****, and laughing at my accent. I live in small town America now, and people here love the way I speak, especially the way I say 'tomatoes'.
  5. Hello, Ann(e) or anybody who knows her, please send me a pm. X
  6. I'm trying to find Anne Dewsnap. (not sure about the 'e' on the end off Anne!) My Mom told me to send her a message. I'm only 42 years old and I have to do what my mom tells me. Only kidding, if Ms Dewsnap is around I'd love to hear from her! Pm me. Thanks.
  7. Extremely Loud and Incredible Close by J Foyer.
  8. I've run out of books to read. What is the best book you've read lately? Amazon here I come!
  9. How about the Americans -- summer holidays are 3 months long here!
  10. I'm glad it worked. Chewing gum isn't as bad as it used to be. I remember as a child I was always getting the stuff round my mouth from blowing bubbles. My Mom would go mad at me and scrub my face with lard mixed with sugar -- it hurt like hell!
  11. That is good. If you can't trust yourself, how can you possible trust anyone:hihi::hihi:
  12. That is a really handy tip. I was going to suggest ice cubes to make the chewing gum brittle. I almost feel like putting chewing gum in my hair and getting it out with cooking oil now, I'm sad like that.
  13. They are always finding Bigfoot! I prefer the Jackalope. http://www.sudftw.com/jackcon.htm
  14. The Exorcist really scared me. I was way too young to see it, only 13 years old. I was so terrified I wanted to leave the cinema and started crying! I slept with the light on for years afterwards.
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