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  1. Is there any jumble sales this week or table top sale s ? Thank You in advance
  2. Any xmas school or nursery fairs on fetes? In Sheffield would be great Thank you in advance
  3. Got my grandson who s 8 years old . Need to find something to go to do ???? Different in Sheffield . Wanted to take him on a canal boat ride but they don t do sundays anymore . Would like something different . Anyone help please????Thank you guys
  4. Mod note, Andre, please do as the other contributors to this thread have done, and make your post in compliance with the rules, using the template provided in post number 1. Thanks
  5. That's terrible . Have you asked Gp/Specialist foe medical backup ? I had something similar and then they sent me for a medical (many over years ) but this woman GP was really nice and understanding . I got put on sick where I don t need sicknotes all the time and its up to me if I go for jobs . No pressure . I do but look but its up to me because I m the best to know what I can do like your sister . She still as feelings and a soul and is still a person like the next one . Also local MP because this is so wrong on so many levels . Trying to remember the name of a disabilities place which helped me so much !!!!!Flipping Fishpan!!!!!LOL .I know its down the moor at the very bottom where toilets are and you have to cross the road to get to it . Same side as toilets as well . See if there there because they are brill and will put the faith back in your sister and a smile !!!!Plus you got offered free tea/coffee !!! Hope she gets the help she needs really feel for her . They go for the wrong people all the time . Just thought these guys good to with not just this type of thing but other related its Case Register on 0114 2716940 . Good luck
  6. I m straight female who does nt mind anyone or whoever . Just have fun and be nice!!!!! This new venue is BRILL . Fab nite . Reminded me abit of Fuel . Never will Fuel be Fuel because that was the best but it would give it a run for the money honeys . Don t be shy straights , gay , lesbians , both ways whatever your sure for a laugh and a great nite you ll want again . Makes working hard and playing hard all worth it . Don t miss out peeps because I won t .............. Come ans see what your missing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. The carboot @ arena what date is it on plz?Also anyone know how to get in contact please?thanx all
  8. hi all.have 3 bed house in sheffield, council. need abit of imfo on we wanting to move to cornwall, devon etc areas. tried swop sites ad some interest but i think some peeps just go on these sited for fun. we want to move sooner than later with in weeks. we willing to give our council property up for private rented or housing ass. propertys. we just want and need fresh start.will go on council waiting list there and are prepared to wait. just want to know how does it affect you doing this with leaving your council property? my hubbys work is better for him there also. if we have to go down route of going private we going down with 2 months rent also bond if needed but what happens we ok with work and rent then we need benefits for a month or two and help with rent in private house how does it work if you ve already got it going with private rent in devon? we are not in debt with our house neither we just want to move to this area of uk rather than be in sheffield.big thing my hubbys work he does more down these areas.anyone help please? thank you
  9. yeah.my mom was with carol s bro for many years until he died. i know donna best. shes one of their daughters.
  10. hi all, i lived on daniel hill. iwent to daniel hill school to. anne bower owned corner shop.top shop was owned by bedfords.old man bedford still used a candle even though he d got electricity.lovely couple. many a good time had.always on kelvin flats.
  11. be carefull. i think its same guys/girls doing it on gumtree to.their showing lovely flays/houses what don t exist. the rent their asking is low for where these places are supposedly. my daughter after a place and shes gone for 2.both did nt exist and then asked for money because they live in america. next to me!lol.hope you find somewhere.
  12. got 3 bedroomed terraced house hillsbro. 2 mins from park.modernised and its council. done alot and still in middle of doing it still. not in quick hurry to move just waiting for right offer.would want council only and 3 bed.i m only council house on here. we would like the right to buy.we may buy this if nothing suitable comes up.we ve lived here for 12 years.can t say anything bad but fancy a change but only decent areas please
  13. come on guys and girls etc.make your way down to sanctuary bar @ side of cathedral.left side 1st left. thursdays is ****** nite.you need a venue then come and talk to us. will have loads more happening but big us up and you lot will be rewarded.good nite good music...and great peeps.goin to be gettin spin the wheel and open the box.is it your m8s birthday etc....come and talk to us we ll do our very best to make your night un4gettabubbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  14. hi there, its a new bar called sanctuay.next to cathedral left side first left.on thursdays is free bar pay £10 on entry.good times good tunes good peeps.none judgemantal place.its gay and lesbian friendly.last orders 1.00am.come and support a nrw bar and pay pence to do it.more stuff to come.do you need a venue for a forthcoming avent? well come and talk to us.we re not silly whats happening around us we re realistic.come and see us for your party.......anything!! thanx all sanctuary team
  15. hi i m a mum of 4 an young nan of 2.every time you have a child they give you different advice and go back to what they say don t do. i will say you sound a good mum 4 1 so if you beating yourself up don t.little bit of solids like baby rice could be the answer. its just trial and error.what about croupe?have you had him to drs? not telling you how to suck eggs just feel for you. when you go to him don t pick him up just stroke his brow and hopefully he ll settle.you could try this. try and not show stress to him.i know easier said than done .i hope he settles for you m8 good luck
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