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  1. I’d like to recommend Dean of DK Electrical ( 07929272658/0114 2403932) who I found through SF. He came out when he said he would to give me a quote, gave me a written quote detailing the proposed work, left if for me to consider. I called to arrange the work, which took exactly the time he said it would and at the price he quoted. Everything works great, no mess left, all round a really good service.
  2. The benefit that they are stressing to local community is one of increased employment and extra jobs. They’re stating that without their involvement the site would be left as it is, as such residents wouldn’t be negatively affected by noise, pollution, fall in house prices etc a situation which prima facie appears to have overwhelming local support, including councillors and our local MP. From their point of view the positive affects of increased jobs are far greater than as above stated damaging side affects. ‘Save’ their interest, which as they had already stated was the only interest in the site, without their interest which as I stated earlier the vast majority – yourself an exception? – appear to be opposed we wouldn’t be having this battle to save the quality of our lives. Hope this clears this up for you.
  3. That was my reading of it. What my cut and paste didn't do is highlight the word 'save' 6 from the end. Biffa aren't opening up a plant for them they are saving the space for the greater good. He makes no note of the increased pollution, dust and smell. The increased noise levels extra 10db during the day and up to 12db during the night. Increased traffic levels. The likely decrease in standard of living and the negative affect on house prices etc It does though mean we can watch through our closed windows as a new site makes more money for Biffa at the expense of the people who actually live in the area. From first glance we have David Blunkett, local councillors and some motivated residents on our side, so we have a chance.
  4. For information purposes, this is a response that I got from Biffa yesterday. Thank you for your e-mail. The planning application for the recycling facility is currently being dealt with by Sheffield City Council who are assessing the detailed environmental reports included as part of it. If you have not already done so, you may wish to send your comments to the Council. Meanwhile, Biffa is in the process of preparing a newsletter/factsheet which I will forward to you upon its completion for your further information. The site enquiry form on Biffa's website you used to contact Biffa is not geared up for handling your enquiry and as a result your email was not forwarded on to the correct department and for this I apologise. The site is an old industrial site that now stands empty; the existing Transco storage depot was demolished in the late 1990s. Historically it was a brick quarry from about 1870 and then a gas works in around 1900 and that closed in 1970 to make way for the Transco building. The land has been remediated and buildings demolished and the site is allocated as an employment site. The site owners Property Alliance Group previously obtained planning consent for a major industrial development on this land in 2006. Approximately 12 months prior to obtaining planning consent for the redevelopment of this site back in 2006, Property Alliance Group have been actively marketing this development and to date they have failed to attract an occupier to this site, despite continued best efforts to do so. Alliance appointed locally based national surveying practices, Atis Real and GVA Grimley, to market the site on their behalf and undertook an extensive marketing campaign including mailshots on a local and regional scale, advertising in local press and generally servicing all enquiries for industrial accommodation broadly matching the search criteria of the development proposals. Alliance did not manage to attract a purchaser or secure a letting on this site, save for the interest from Biffa. Regards, Mike Harty, Senior Planner, Biffa Waste Services Ltd.
  5. Thanks to whoever put through the newsletter through my letter box today. I have now lodged my objections. Have also requested contact from Biffa, which I intend to do every day, until they answer my questions. This campaign must be kept alive because if there continued objection then this will be allowed to proceed. Thanks again.
  6. The Workstation ... dead opposite, where they are now.
  7. Being ginger just a state of mind ... bit like being a ninja. As they say rusty roof, damp cellar.
  8. A mate has just called and she's got one for me ... a friend of hers has a good connection and has got about tickets for loads of people. There's 20 of us going!!! Big thanks for everyones help. I'm going to keep trying for other people, and if I get through
  9. laptop soon to be taking its first swimming lesson
  10. I can't get through on that one ... but really appreciate it !!!!!!!
  11. Cheers for the help have you got another link from further through the process at all ...
  12. pants ...could try getting links from other msg boards ... like efestivals
  13. I can't get on the seetickets site or glasto site ... any one else managed it
  14. That's a lot to take into consideration when making a decision. The only thing that I could add is that Glasto has changed quite a bit since 1999. It depends on your point of view if you think its for the better, but its far more safer, there are more toilets plus they do have a decent family section - so I'm led to believe. There's a quote about stepping into the same river twice and it never been exactly the same, and you may well end up getting there and going hmmmm was better when this was here and you could do this. To that affect this Glasto experience could be a very different to the one's you've had before, that though will be also a mark on how you've changed as a person. But the tickets, think about it you can cancel them up to May 6th I think (although best check). I'm sorely tempted to say dump the kids, hitch down, and lose yourself for 5/6 days, but not to sure seeing the headlines "Magic mum swaps kids for magic beans and turns into a frog" would be for the best. Go for it
  15. Been a few times, and one year it was due to someone from this forum posting a link that allowed you to book tickets, and from that managed to book tickets for all my mates. If I manage to get a link that works or get forwarded one then I'll happily post it on this site ... be cool if others would do the same thing. Cheers
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