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  1. Anyone in the know why it was taped off this morning with 3 police cars protecting the sealed area ?
  2. Hi, my brother and me were brought up down the "cliffe" in the early 60's and thoroughly enjoyed our time time there and also had lots of great friends up until the slum clearance in the early seventies. My brother and I often speak of our friends of those days and do wish we could meet them now to reminiss the times gone by. I can imagine the laughter we would create by bringing back the memories of the old times and the things and pranks that we would get in to. My name is Paul, my brother is Peter, we lived at 165 Attercliffe common, our closest mates were, Kevin, Martin,Stuart, Kevin, Stephen. These were the main core, I have named them such as some were brothers, sadly the Kevin's, I believe have passed over, sadly missed by us both and no doubt by the others who knew them. The people we knew on our adoptive street (Bradford) were as follows, obviously the females were maiden names lol, Susan Moj, Stephen Grayson and Mary, Dougie Jones ( sadly gone RIP mate) Valerie, Kevin, Martin, Jeanette, Anita and Paula Slater. .. Stuart and Kevin Beal ( Kev sadly gone a while ago RIP mate miss you ) ... That's it for now, welling up, sadddo me lol ... Tell me your memories please .... Paul .
  3. Hi Tez, is that those born in 56/57 yr. I'll mention it to our Pete. Hi Mick, ain't seen nothing of you guys since your Trev was a mate and Arlene and I were good friends lol. Nearly 48 yrs ago. My name is Paul.
  4. His name is Mr T Ash .... Young Fowler ... Lol
  5. Yes, I was the apprentice fitter there along with Keith fessey, frank haslam, Bob ? The fitters managers were Dun chief engineer, Keith Brown and John White I think. The welder was called Fred ?
  6. I think the water is coming from the apex of the hill which is Buchanan rd and running/soaking downhill riding on the clay bed which is probably deeper up there and gradually gets closer the surface as it gets to me on Crowder rd and outcrops in my property as the clay is not too far down. So in wet weather the ground is soaked and water sits on the top and if you walk out in it you sink a good 4+ inch. Yes it is worse nearer the proprties at the top left diagonal towards the centre where it is wetest. Looking from my house the land is rectangular, at top left (highest point) it gradually slopes down to the top right of the land. From top left to bottom left it also slopes down and from top right to bottom right (lowest point) it also slopes down, and from top left diagonally to bottom right it also slopes at steeper gradiant. If any of you knowledgable guys get a spare 5 mins please come and take a look, if just just for the laugh, I'm normally not dim but this has me baffled ...
  7. Hi Andy, thanks for the info mate, that is gonna be a good sized excavation job, think I need a mini digger as the land mass is 615 sq mtr. Would you think I could do with a core sampler to determine the depth of the clay at strategic points in order of building up a picture of what is happening and where, because I don't think the clay is down all that deep and if I hire a digger and op, I need to be able to give precise details of the job required or hand dig if say the clay is only down 12" ? This really is a fair sized bit of land, I bought a ride on mower for the grass, would have probably been better off with a Dredger .. Lol
  8. There is a place near the parson cross asda, the road is like a continuation of Buchanan rd. but asda end
  9. I have a fair sized lawned area that is really badly waterlogged, so bad that it sometimes resembles a lake ( on a hillside ) I dug two grooves in the land with my 4x4, approx 20ft long running from mid height to a lower point, probably 3 inch deep and they just fill up with water and slowly flow to the lowest point which is the drive entrance, you have to see this to believe it. I would like some knowledgable person to have a look and advise me how to go about rectifying my problem, it seems like water is flowing downhill under ground on a bed of clay and rising in my garden. I got a car in the middle and need a dinghy to get to it and will have to fit floats to get it off tha grass, where do I find a tug boat in Longley .. Lol .... Any constructive advise will be greatly appreciated, but please don't try to explain on here as you need to see it to get the full picture and hopefully point me in a positive direction ... Thanks in anticipation .... And regards ... Joss 07891 394118 .... Help !!
  10. Hi, The Dolphin is / was at Keadby or just before the king George 6th bridge on the left of the main road to Guness, Scunthorpe.
  11. Hi, was thinking of following Calendar and going to Benidorm as a solo, On the other hand I would rather stay here and play in a top class vocal harmony group. I would like to here from ex or current vocalists that would want to be part of such a venture, I have a Top Drawer PA system and the music ( whatever we decide on ) and the means to play it , we just need to supply the top notch vocals in harmony, after all we have been doing it for years, so let's get together and see what we can do. Like the successful members of this venture, we will have the means or contacts for instant work, the question is, how much and how often do we want it ( bring it on ) call or txt me and we will make a date to meet. One criteria must be met Over 45's only please ... Joss .. 07891 394118
  12. I have a 1k rig available, excellent tone with powered mixing desk, built in graphics and DSP .... Joss ... 07891 394118 ... Can do reasonable if looked after, lights too with programable controller if req ... Call me
  13. There is no age group in rock, just ability !
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